Waseda Business School
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Information for Incoming Students

In this page, you can find the general information for incoming students in Sept. 2016. Before coming to WBS, please check all the documents carefully. Some of the materials will be uploaded later. Therefore, please check here regularly and bookmark this page until September 21, 2016.

Orientation Schedule and General Information for Incoming Students in Sep. 2016

  1. Event and Orientation Schedule for WBS Students
  2. Orientation presented by Center for International Education on Sept. 16(Fri), 2016
  3. Entrance Ceremony and Academic Guidance on Sept. 21(Wed) and 24(Sat), 2016
  4. Information regarding “Management Game” held on Sept. 25(Sun) and 27(Tue), 2016
  5. “Management Game” Text Book
  6. Introduction Session for Seminar (Zemi) on Sept. 26, 2016
  7. Guideline for course Registration(TBA)
  8. Scholarship Registration
    *Registration form opened. Please check here. [Deadline: September 30, 2016]
  9. Health Check Announcemt
  10. Japanese Language course registration(1)
  11. Japanese Language course registration(2)
  12. Waseda University Residence Center
  13. Students Dormitory Digital Brochure
  14. Student Housing Center by Waseda University Property Management Corp.
  15.  Access Map to WBS

Academic Calendar and Lecture Schedule

Regarading the Academic Calendar and Lecture Schedule, you can check it as well from the webpage below.


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