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IWAMURA Mitsuru, Professor



Professor Iwamura has been professor in finance at WASEDA Business School since 1998. His expertise includes corporate finance, legal affairs, management, and global information and telecommunications.

Prior to joining the faculty at WASEDA University, Professor Iwamura worked for the Bank of Japan (BOJ), where he worked in Banking Department, and Policy Planning Department, and as a director of BOJ’s Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies. In 1996 he became Adviser of BOJ, responsible for planning and coordinating Japanese financial reforms. He also worked as chief analyst of the Japan Bond Research Institute, a leading rating agency in Japan from 1992 to 1994.

Academic Degrees

Doctor of Science, WASEDA University, 2002

B.S., Economics, University of Tokyo, 1974

Selected Publications

”The bursting of housing bubbles a jamming phase transition” Journal of Physics, Conference Series 221(2010), 12006-12014

“Do lager firms have more interfirm relationships?” Physica A-/383,158-163, 2007

 … and others

Courses in charge

Currently teaching in Japanese only


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