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YONEZAWA Yasuhiro, Professor



Professor Yonezawa earned BA in Management from Yokohama National University and MA in Economics from University of Tokyo. Before starting his academic career, he worked for Japan Securities Research Institute. He then served as professor of University of Tsukuba and professor of Yokohama National University. Since 2005, he has served as professor of Waseda University. Professor Yonezawa has widely published his researches on finance and economics.

Academic Degrees

Doctor in Economics from University of Osaka in 1996.

Selected Publications

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Financial Systems and Economic Performance: A cross country analysis” Global Economy and Finance Journal, Vol3. No.2 September, 2010,pp.107-121.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Saving Behavior under the Influence of Income Risk: An Experimental Study” Economics Bulletin, Vol30, Issue2, 2010, pp.967-974.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Land Prices and its effect on the Japanese bank stocks”, International Journal of Electronic Finance, 2006, pp.104-117.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Macroeconomic factors and the empirical content of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory in the Japanese stock market”, Japan and the World Economy, 2006, pp.568-591.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Real Option Analysis of Land Taxation Policy Under Mean-Reverting Land Prices”, Japan Journal of Finance, 2002, pp.132-149.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “jointly worked The Structure of Japanese Stock Market”, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, 1998, pp.1-28.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa “A Financing Model for a Japanese-Style Firm”, The Japanese Economy, 1998, pp.25-51.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “Return Reversals in Tokyo Stock Exchange: A Test of Stock Market Overreaction”, Japan and the World Economy, 1997, pp.363-384.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “An empirical test of the CAPM on the stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange”, Japan and the World Economy, 1992, pp.145-161.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa “Function of the Japanese stock market”, Japanese Economic Studies, 1986, pp.42-75.

Yasuhiro Yonezawa, jointly worked “The Japanese market and the economic environment”, Journal of Portfolio Management, 1982, pp.36-45.

Courses in charge

Equity Investment (Evening MBA)

Derivative (Evening MBA)

Macro Economics and Finance (Evening MBA)

Seminar (Evening MBA)


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