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There could be different application methods for different certificates, and the application platform is also different for current students and alumni. An online application platform in both English and Japanese is available which accepts credit card payment. Before moving on to application, please first confirm the general information from the website below.

For Current Students (Support Anywhere)

For Alumni


  • After you have confirmed the general information provided on the above website, please go through the instructions below if you prefer (or have to) to apply directly at our office or through postal mails.
  • For current students, please use the issuance machines on campus for certificates. The password required is the same as that of your MyWaseda account. To find out where are the machines, please see here.
  • In principle, certificates can only be applied by the students themselves in consideration of personal information protection. Also, the issued certificates can only be delivered to the students and cannot be sent to a third person/organization. However, those who live in overseas or in distant domestic areas can apply through a proxy.
  • Application through telephones or emails are not available.

Kinds of Certificate

For Current Students

  • Certificate of Studentship
  • Transcripts of Records
  • Certificate of Expected Graduation
  • Transcripts of Records and Certificate of Expected Graduation

For Graduates

  • Transcripts of Records
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Transcripts of Records and Certificate of Graduation

For Former Students

  • Certificate of Period of Enrollment
  • Transcripts of Records
  • Certificate of Withdrawal

Fee for Current Students

Cost: 200 JPY

Application: Certificates can be issued at automatic vending machines on campus with your student ID. The password is the same as your MyWaseda password. Please refer to the following URL for location of vending machines.


Fee for Graduates and Former Students

Cost: 300 JPY

Application Process

Application Process 1: In Person

Application: Fill in the application form (prescribed) and attach a prepaid stamp which is available by the vending machine installed in front of the WBS Office (3rd Floor, Building 11). You are required to show your ID card on your application.

Date of Issue: The day following application.

Application Process 2: In Person By A Representative On Your Behalf

When you cannot come to WBS in person and ask another person to apply on your behalf, a letter with your signature, which is written by yourself to show that you have asked him/her to make the application, should be submitted together with a copy of your ID. Your representative is also required to show his/her ID.

Application Process 3: By Postal Mail

Application: The following should be sent by mail.

1) Application Letter with the following information

  • Certificates required
  • Number of certificates needed
  • Your name in Japanese, in Katakana and in Roman letters
  • Date of Admission (if available)
  • Date of Completion (if available)
  • Student ID number (if available)
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Phone Number, Fax Number
  • Method of Enclosure (if any)

2) Copy of your ID eg. Driver’s License, Passport, Certificate of Alien Registration

3) YUBIN KOGAWASE (Coupon, available at Post Office in Japan), IRC (International Reply Coupon), or IPMO (International Postal Money Order) for the cost

4) Stamps for Postage

Postage depends on the number of certificates.

When using a small size envelope (certificates are folded into three)

  • 1 sheet to 5 sheets:        84 yen
  • 6 sheets to 10 sheets:    94yen

When using a A4 sized envelope

  • 1 sheet to 7 sheets:        120 yen
  • 8 sheets to 12 sheets:    140 yen
  • 15 sheets to 21 sheets:  210 yen
  • Extra stamp is required if you need to get them by express mail.
  • In the case of requests for certificates from foreign countries, please inquire first by email or phone.

Waseda University
Waseda Business School
1-6-1, Nishi-Waseda
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050

Tel: 03-5286-8719 (+81-3-5286-8719)
Fax: 03-5273-4371 (+81-3-5273-4371)
email: [email protected]

Notice: Please keep in mind that there is a period when we cannot issue the certificate due to the university recess or maintenance of machines.

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