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Maximum Number of Credits per Semester

The number of credits degree-candidate students can take for one academic year is 40 (28 credits for one semester). Double degree students and exchange students can take 48 credits for one year. Double degree students can register 28 credits for one semester and exchange students can take 24 credits for one semester.
Most of our courses at the School of Commerce have 1 , 2, or 4 credits except the courses offered by the Center for Japanese Language. Please make sure not to exceed the limit when you register for the courses. If you exceed the limit at the course registrations, some of the courses will be randomly deleted.

Course Registration Schedule

There are three registration periods in March/April for the Spring semester and in September/October for the fall semester. The registration period will be announced by the School of Commerce Office.
We do not accept any request from you to register courses after the registration period no matter what reason. Please make sure to register before the deadline and if any problem arise, make sure to consult the office of the School of Commerce before the registration period is over.

Other Information


The registration will not be on the first-come basis. If too many students try to register for one course, a computerized lottery may be held. (If you did not get a spot, “Over enrolled” notification will be shown on your course registration page).


Check Waseda-net e-mail or On-line Course Registration Screen to find where your classes are held. There may be classroom changes at the beginning of the semester. Check the latest information on the bulletin board (Bldg. 11 – 1F & 3F).


You can purchase textbooks at the CO-OP book store (Bldg. 17) around the first day of classes. There will be a special site for text-books in front of the CO-OP at the beginning of the semester.

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