1. Special Zoom lecture series: Recent topics in experimental political economy (October 21-)News2020.10.21-Post: 2020.09.23
  2. Financial support for the Essex Summer School 2020 (in place of ESS @ Waseda) (July 14-17)News2020.07.14-17Post: 2020.07.14
  3. Americans Are Just as Racially Biased as Their Elected Representatives (July 14)News2020.07.14Post: 2020.07.07
  4. International Symposium “Designing Deliberative Democracy: Practices and Experiments” (February 18-19)News2020.02.18-19Post: 2020.02.10
  5. Cycles of Failure: Party Strategy, Public Mood, and Radical Right Formation in Japan (January 28)News2020.01.28Post: 2020.01.21
  6. An interview article with Professor Yuriko Takahashi was published in Milenio, the leading national newspaper in Mexico.News2019.12.21Post: 2020.01.17
  7. The lecture of professor Yuriko Takahashi “The teaching experience and the right to education” was introduced on the page of Secretaria de Educacion of Mexico, Puebla (posted December 20).News2019.12.20Post: 2020.01.17
  8. Professor Atsushi Tago receives 2019 JSPS PrizeNews2019.12Post: 2019.12.27
  9. State Dependence of Fiscal Multipliers: the Source of Fluctuations Matters (January 14)News2020.01.14Post: 2019.12.26
  10. Incentivizing Deceased Organ Donation Under Blood-Type Compatibility Constraints: Theory and Experiment (January 10)News2020.01.10Post: 2019.12.26
  11. Eurasia´s Political-Economic Transformation and its Global Implications (November 26)News2019.11.26Post: 2019.11.11
  12. CROP-IT workshop “Military Professionalization and the Colonial Legacy of British Military Training” (October 30)News2019.10.30Post: 2019.10.28
  13. The Impact of Russian Election Meddling on Allies´ Trust in the United States (November 13)News2019.11.13Post: 2019.10.24
  14. Media Attention and Strategic Timing in Politics (October 23)News2019.10.23Post: 2019.10.21
  15. Governance Reforms from Comparative Perspectives (November 5-7)News2019.11.05-07Post: 2019.10.17
  16. Explanations in the Social Sciences (October 17)News2019.10.17Post: 2019.10.15
  17. Professor Suzuki has made comment on Unizo Financial Times (October 3)News2019.10.03Post: 2019.10.10
  18. Lifelines: The Resilient Infrastructure OpportunityNews2019.09.25Post: 2019.09.10
  19. Professor Todo has written the G20 policy proposal.News2019.03.15Post: 2019.09.03
  20. Professor Yasuyuki Todo's discussion is published in “Nature Sustainability”.News2019.08.12Post: 2019.09.02
  21. Essex Summer School at WASEDA 2019 (Sept. 9-20)News2019.09.09-20Post: 2019.07.29
  22. “Is Capitalism Obsolete ?” Seminar by Professor Giacomo Corneo (The Free University of Berlin) (Aug. 27)News2019.08.27Post: 2019.07.29
  23. CROP-IT Workshop “A Backlash to International Refugee Law: Evidence from Survey Experiment in Turkey and the United States” (July 24)News2019.07.24Post: 2019.07.09
  24. CROP-IT Workshop “Gaining Credibility: Alliances and U.S. Overseas Deployment” (July 1)News2019.07.01Post: 2019.06.21
  25. Workshop “Possibilities of EU-Japan Cooperation: Findings from EU-Japan Collaborative Research of International Relations Scholars” (July 10-11)News2019.07.10-11Post: 2019.06.19
  26. Workshop on Macroeconomic Modeling of Regime Switches (July 29 – Aug. 2)News2019.07.29-08.02Post: 2019.05.31
  27. WIAS Visiting Researcher Seminar : ”Locating and Analyzing Virtual Communities on the World Wide Web: Applications for Social Sciences” (June 4)News2019.06.04Post: 2019.05.31
  28. A paper of Professor Atsushi Tago has been published in SAGE Journals.News2019.02.18Post: 2019.05.16
  29. An article commented by Professor Atsushi Tago featured in the South China Morning PostNews2019.04.23Post: 2019.05.10
  30. Seminar “Trends and Attitudes towards Migration Globally” (April 22)News2019.04.22Post: 2019.04.15
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