1. Report on “Americans Are Just as Racially Biased as Their Elected Representatives”Workshop2020.07.14Post: 2020.07.28
  2. Professor Yasuyuki Todo speaks at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (Washington D. C., USA)Workshop2020.01.28Post: 2020.03.30
  3. Report on “Cycles of Failure. Party Strategy, Public Mood and Radical Right Formation in Japan”Workshop2020.02.28Post: 2020.03.30
  4. Seminar Report “Incentivizing Deceased Organ Donation Under Blood-Type Compatibility Constraints: Theory and Experiment”Workshop2020.01.10Post: 2020.01.15
  5. Election-Night Forecasting I, Election-Night Forecasting IIWorkshop2019.12Post: 2019.12.27
  6. [Report] “A Spatial Theory of Reading Newspapers” by Luigi Curini of the University of MilanWorkshop2019.11.26Post: 2019.12.17
  7. Special Lecture of Academic Leaders ProgramWorkshop2019.10.17Post: 2019.12.12
  8. [Report on Workshop] Scientific Study on American “Soft Power”Workshop2019.11.13Post: 2019.11.29
  9. [Report] Military Professionalization and the Colonial Legacy of British Military TrainingWorkshop2019.10.30Post: 2019.11.18
  10. International Seminar “Lifelines: The Resilient Infrastructure Opportunity”Workshop2019.09.25Post: 2019.10.04
  11. Is Capitalism Obsolete?Workshop2019.08.27Post: 2019.10.04
  12. Special Workshop on “Macroeconomic Modeling of Regime Switches”Workshop2019.07.29-08.02Post: 2019.10.04
  13. Stanford Program @ WasedaWorkshop2019.06.24-07.11Post: 2019.09.12
  14. [Seminar Report] “Measuring Populist Discourse: The Global Populism Database” by Bruno Castanho Silva of the University of CologneWorkshop2019.07.08Post: 2019.08.09
  15. [Seminar Report] CROP-IT Workshop “How to Build a National Identity Database (like a Constructivist)”Workshop2019.05.07Post: 2019.05.16
  16. [Seminar Report] Mind the Gap! Mass-Elite Discrepancies in Old and New DemocraciesWorkshop2019.02.05Post: 2019.04.12
  17. [Report] Lecture “Overcoming security isolationism: Japan’s promotion of East Asia security multilateralism since 1991”Workshop2019.01.14Post: 2019.02.14
  18. [Report] Seminar “Ultimate Q&A Session on Survey Experiments and Causal Inference”Workshop2019.01.24Post: 2019.02.06
  19. [Report] Seminar “anaging for Sustainability”Workshop2018.12.18Post: 2019.01.07
  20. [Report] Seminar “History as Data Science”Workshop2018.12.14Post: 2019.01.07
  21. [Report] Seminar “On the Geography of Global Value Chains”Workshop2018.12.13Post: 2019.01.07
  22. [Report] Seminar “Property rights and economic growth”Workshop2018.12.13Post: 2019.01.07
  23. [Report] Seminars on Curing Nationalism: Two ExperimentsWorkshop2018.11.15Post: 2018.11.26
  24. [Report] Seminars on Election ForensicsWorkshop2018.10.03, 04Post: 2018.10.30
  25. [Report] International Workshop on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)Workshop2018.10.08Post: 2018.10.16
  26. [Report]Can ideals and justice be realized? Nobel Prize winner Dr. Amartya Kumar Sen answers it all.Workshop2018.04.23Post: 2018.05.08
  27. Special Lecture: “Protean Power: Exploring the Uncertain and Unexpected in World Politics”Workshop2018.04.20Post: 2018.04.25
  28. Special Lecture: “From Memories to Inductively Derived Views: A Constructive Approach”Workshop2018.02.01Post: 2018.02.28
  29. Special Lecture: “Violent Crime as a Development Challenge”Workshop2017.11.23Post: 2017.12.27
  30. Special Lecture: “Network centrality measures and cooperative graph game solutions”Workshop2017.10.26Post: 2017.11.10
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