1. “Designing Deliberative Democracy: Practices and Experiments” international symposium event reportSymposium2020.02.18-19Post: 2020.04.02
  2. [Report]The 11th Pan Pacific Game Theory ConferenceSymposium2019.03.09-10Post: 2019.04.05
  3. [Report]International Symposium “Political and Economic Factors Shaping Latin America in the Next Decade -Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Comparison with East Asia-”Symposium2019.03.08Post: 2019.03.27
  4. [Report] Society as Data: What data scientists are doing to resolve social issuesSymposium2019.01.28 - 02.01Post: 2019.02.19
  5. [Report] EU-Japan Symposium WASEDASymposium2018.10.05Post: 2018.11.09
  6. [Report] Presentation at the 4th World Social Science ForumSymposium2018.09.25 - 09.28Post: 2018.11.06
  7. [Report] WE-SPICE2018:Waseda-Essex Scientific PoliSci/IR Collaboration and ExchangeSymposium2018.09.21, 22Post: 2018.10.18
  8. President of National Assembly of France speaks on new economic and political reformsSymposium2018.05.31Post: 2018.06.13
  9. Honorary doctorate conferred to Dr. Amartya Kumar SenSymposium2018.04.24Post: 2018.05.14
  10. [Report] International conference on West-European politics in 2017Symposium2018.01.11Post: 2018.01.18
  11. [Report] Special Lecture by Governor of Bank of France: “The challenges of the multilateral economic order: what European responses?”Symposium2017.12.04Post: 2017.12.13
  12. [Report] Symposium “The 10th Pan Pacific Game Theory Conference”Symposium2017.09.04, 05Post: 2017.09.25
  13. International symposium on nuclear revolution, international politics, and U.S. foreign policySymposium2017.07.29Post: 2017.09.12
  14. Research Colloquium & Symposium about African PoliticsSymposium2017.05.10, 12Post: 2017.07.11
  15. Symposium “The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization”Symposium2016.12.15Post: 2017.02.27
  16. Bringing researchers together as an international hubSymposium2017.01.23Post: 2017.01.30
  17. The 9th Pan Pacific Game Theory ConferenceSymposium2016.10.07 - 08Post: 2016.11.08
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