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Procedure for Browsing Materials

Please be sure to apply in advance

Waseda University Archives has limited browsing space. Taking out materials also requires a few days because we check your personal information in accordance with the Rules on Use of Materials. Basically, therefore, we do not permit browsing on the same day of application. Please allow sufficient time when you apply.

Please also note that Waseda University Archives does not decipher, research or appraise historical documents.

Browsing application

If you want to browse any documents, please apply as shown below.

Decide what documents you want to browse from archival document lists, then fill in the necessary parts of Form 1: Browsing Application and send it to the Waseda University Archives.

For archival document lists, see the list on this website or the lists given in past journals. You may also use the lists provided at the Waseda University Archives.

The staff of the Waseda University Archives will check whether the documents written on your browsing application form can be browsed in accordance with the Rules on Use of Materials.

In particular, if a document contains personal information etc. as set out in the rules, staff will take necessary measures only in the relevant sections of the document. They may also refuse browsing permission if personal information etc. is contained throughout the entire document.

The Waseda University Archives owns tens of thousands of historical documents. It is physically impossible to check in advance whether all of these documents contain personal information etc. We therefore check for the inclusion of personal information in documents after receiving a browsing application for those documents.

The staff will contact you after checking for personal information. Please ask them about the time and date of your visit.

Visiting and browsing

See the Browsing Date page in our visitors’ guidebook.

Copying materials

If you want to copy the documents you browse, submit Form 2: Application for Copying Service. The copying methods are as follows.

  • Original document
    Photographing by a contractor or photographing with equipment you bring yourself
  • Reproduced document
    Copying with a photocopy machine

See Copying Service Rules for information about copy charges.

Publishing and broadcasting materials

If you want to insert browsed materials in a printed publication or broadcast them on television etc., submit Form 3: Application for Permission to Publish etc. The permission process takes a few days, so please allow sufficient time when you apply.

Waseda University Archives staff will inform you of whether permission has been granted after checking the content of your application.

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