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Organization and Release of Materials

The Waseda University Archives manages the storage and release of documents of Waseda University and materials related to those concerned with Waseda University. See Usage Guide for information on how to use the Archives.

Material Browsing and Copying Services

We provide services for browsing and copying archival documents. If you want to browse materials, we require a few days to check your personal information first. See Usage Guide for details. Also see Copying Service Rules for information about the copying service.

Collection of Materials

We are continually collecting materials related to Waseda University founder Shigenobu Okuma and others around him, as well as materials concerning the University’s operations and its alumni. If you want to donate materials, see Donating Materials and Rules on Material Collection Procedures.

Holding Exhibitions and Lectures

We hold exhibitions and lectures with the aim of making the history of Waseda University more widely known and opening the Archives’ documents to the public. See Exhibitions and Lectures and History.


We issue the Journals of Waseda University Archives.We also republish existing letters written to Shigenobu Okuma and issue them one volume at a time every October to coincide with the anniversary of the university’s foundation. See Documents Relating to Shigenobu Okuma.

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