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Exhibition of Archaeological and Folk Materials

The archaeological and folk material section, one of the three pillars of the Aizu Museum, has an exhibition in the 125th Anniversary Room on the 10th floor of Okuma Memorial Tower (Building No. 26).

Waseda University has been conducting excavations at historical sites from various eras all around the world, including in Egypt, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, and at Jomon period ruins, Kofun tombs, and ancient temples in Japan. The artifacts discovered through those excavations are on display.

Folk materials from Africa and Oceania that were donated as collections are also among the exhibits. Other valuable collections include the Wako Anazawa Collection (bronze instruments, bronze mirrors, etc.), the Yoshio Tosabayashi Collection (Ainu folk materials), and the Sugao Yamauchi Collection (earthenware and stone instruments).

Enjoy a moment of interaction with people from worlds no longer to be seen.

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