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Aizu Collection Databasepublished May 15, 1998

hekijaProfessor Yaichi Aizu, who also went by the name Shuso Dojin, was a scholar of oriental art who built a collection of around 3,000 oriental artifacts including burial goods, bronze mirrors, tiles, inscription rubbings, and so on for the sake of research and education. This database lists about 300 of these burial goods.

Yaichi Aizu Calligraphy Databasepublished July 15, 1999

hatoAs well as being a scholar of oriental art, Yaichi Aizu was also literally a person of the arts, known as a calligrapher of distinction and elegance and a tanka poet fascinated by the scenery and art of Nara. This is a list of about 70 of his written works, including his own original Japanese poems, classical Chinese poems, and others.

Japanese Inscription Rubbings Collection Databasepublished March 31, 2001

takuhonAbout 1,500 rubbings and related documents were donated to the museum by Jun Kato, a former pupil of Yaichi Aizu and a leading expert on Japanese epigraph research. The collection contains a diversity of items from the Asuka period to the modern era, including temple bell inscriptions, epitaphs, Buddha foot rubbings, building inscriptions, Buddha statue decorations, and so on, of which about 120 are listed in this database.

Ainu Costume Databasepublished April 3, 2002

kaparamipu-iconThis is a database of items of Ainu clothing, including attus and several kinds of cotton garments, from the Ainu cultural materials collected by Waseda alumnus Yoshio Tosabayashi and now stored at the Aizu Museum.

Ainu Ornament Databasepublished April 3, 2002

s82This is a database of items of Ainu ornaments, including tamasays (necklaces), ninkari (earrings) and others, from the Ainu cultural materials collected by Waseda alumnus Yoshio Tosabayashi and now stored at the Aizu Museum.

Bronze Mirror Databasepublished April 3, 2002

kagami-iconThe Aizu Museum houses 208 ancient mirrors collected by Dr. Yaichi Aizu. These invaluable research materials range widely in terms of where and when they were produced, dating from between the 5th century BC and the 17th century AD and coming mainly from China but also Korea and Japan.

Modern Art Databasepublished April 5, 2003

yuriThis is a database of the modern art collection housed at the Aizu Museum. It lists painted and sculpted portraits of people associated with Waseda University and pieces donated occasionally from here and there.

Oriental Art General Databasepublished June 29, 2009

sutasutaOriental Art General Database User’s Manual
This is a database of Oriental works of art owned by the Aizu Museum. When the Tomioka Art Museum in Sanno, Omori, Ota-ku closed down in 2004, it donated its 903-piece collection of culturally important items including Oriental pottery items, early modern Zen art, tea utensils, Buddhist sculptures, paintings, and archaeological artifacts, of which 701 have been put on display. Other Oriental artworks will be exhibited too in turn, including more from the Tomioka Collection as well as the Kazuhiko Hattori Collection with its focus on small gilt bronze Buddhas and bronze mirrors.

Cultural Resource Information PortalArtwork data from 2009 is here

portal_bannerThis portal enables users to search across the cultural resources of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Aizu Museum, and Waseda University Archives.

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