O1A-3: Brushwork Learning Support System Using Projection
Masashi Narita and Takafumi Matsumaru
Waseda University, Japan

O1B-3: Geometry Based Quasi-Linear Support Vector Machine for Nonlinear Classification
Weite Li and Jinglu Hu
Waseda University, Japan

O1C-1: EACH: An Energy-Efficient High-Level Synthesis Framework for Approximate Computing
Cong Hao and Takeshi Yoshimura
Waseda University, Japan

O2A-3: Image Steganography Using Integer Wavelet Transform and Cellular Automata
Balasuyambu Jeyaram, Radha R and Rama Raghavan
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

O2B-2: A Reference Model of Smart Factory for Intelligent Manufacturing
Yi Zhang, Yiping Feng and Gang Rong
Zhejiang University, China

O3A-4: A Real-time Facial Expression Recognition System on Android
Tongguang Chen
Southeast University, China

O3B-3: Integrated Differential Evolution and Petri-Net Based Approach for Hybrid System Start-up Optimization
Evgeny Malamura and Tomohiro Murata
Waseda University, Japan

O3C-3: Institutional Waste Issues and Proposal at Chula Engineering
Proadpran Punyabukkana, Alena Kengchon, Kotchakorn Khwamchareon, Nopporn Boonsit, Pawissakan Chirupphapa, Pornnapas Huntrakool, Purichaya Kuptajit, Sanchai Jaktheerangkoon, Wattanai Chevintulak, Pinhathai Limrahahpan and Pichaya Rachdawong
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

O4A-3: The Effect of Virtual Spokes-character Type Upon On-line Advertisements
Wenchang Fang, Ya-Hui Hsu and Yi Lan Lu
National Taipei University, Taiwan

O4B-2: Random Noise Reduction Method with More Accurate Calibration for a Spectrometer System Using a Two-dimensional Array Detector
Chen Zhang, Ming-Hui Liu, Yuan Zhao, Ming-Yu Sheng, Kai-Yan Zang, Yuan Yao, Wei-Jie Lu, Qing-Yuan Cai, Song-You Wang, Hai-Bin Zhao, Yu-Xiang Zheng, Liang-Yao Chen, Ning He, Osam Yoshie and Young-Pak Lee
Fudan University, China

O4C-1: High-Energy-Density Core-shell Structured [email protected] Nanocomposites Prepared by a "Grafting to" Methods
Xingyi Huang, Ke Yang and Pingkai Jiang
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy, China

O4D-2: A Further Study of GMM-Supervector Based-UBM Cross Adaptation Models with Addition of Modified Nonlinear GMM KL and Nonlinear GUMI Kernels in Human Action Recognition
Ngoc Nam Bui, Jin Young Kim and Yonggwan Won
Chonnam National Univesity, Korea


P1A-1: Extraction of Representative Point from Hand Contour Based on Laser Range Scanner
Chuankai Dai and Takafumi Matsumaru
Waseda University, Japan

P1B-5: Ideal Flow Based on Random Walk on Directed Graph
Kardi Teknomo
Ateneo de Manila University

P1C-1: A Performance Enhanced Dual-switch Network-on-Chip Architecture
Lian Zeng, Xin Jiang and Takahiro Watanabe
Waseda University, Japan

P1D-6: Management Information Studies on Human Resources
Xuanxuan Gao, Tianzhu Li, Wenting Song
Southeast University, China

P1E-3: Studies on a Smart Reconfigurable Parabolic Space Antenna
Sahil Kalra, B.S Munjal and Bishakh Bhattacharya
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

P2A-6: A Novel Voice Encryption System Based on ECC and Chaotic Map
Lan Bai
Southeast University, China

P2B-4: Theoretical Analysis of a Novel Elastography for Diagnosis of Early Osteoarthritis
Lan Wang, Wen Zhang, Yiping Dong and Zong-Ping Luo
Soochow University, China

P2C-5: Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) based on Kalman Filter for Heavy Fog Condition
Shih-Yu Hu, Jin-Yu Tong, Yun-Ting Liao, Kui-Ting Chen, Chun-Ying Lee and Takaaki Baba
Waseda University, Japan

P2D-1: High Temperature Resistant Packaging for SiC Power Devices Using Interconnections Formed by Ni Nano-particles
Yasunori Tanaka, Tomonori Iizuka and Kohei Tatsumi
Waseda University, Japan

P2E-6: Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors Based on the Hollow Optical Fiber
Yu Zhang, Pan Chen, Xiaosong Zhu and Yiwei Shi
Fudan University, China