Excellent Paper Award

A detailed MILP optimization model for steam power system considering economic and environmental aspects

Pengfei Zhang, Hao Zhao, Wei Weng, Yipping Feng and Gang Rong
Zhejiang University, China

An improved coding unit size decision algorithm for HEVC intra coding

Yan Li and Song Xiao
Xidian University, China

Improvement of IDAT and new application development

Chuankai Dai and Takafumi Matsumaru
Waseda University, Japan

Decouple PID Control of Ultra-Compact Binary Power Generation Plant

Kun-Young Han and Hee-Hyol Lee
Waseda University, Japan

Design of Passive Pipe Health Monitoring Systems

Nayan Jyoti Baishya, Himanshu Panday, Vaibhav Verma and Bishakh Bhattacharya
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Design a New Primary Side Feedback Flyback Digital Control LED Driver

Xingyu Gu, Bowen Shi and Baofu Zhao
Southeast University, China

A hierarchical map of variation reconstructed from closely related genomes

Huifen Cao and Kui Lin
Beijing Normal University, China

Development and Reliability Testing of IEEE1888 Gateway for ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network in Chulalongkorn University's Building Energy Management System

Tankorn Inthasut and Chaodit Aswakul
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Traffic Engineering Framework with Machine Learning based Meta-layer in Software-Defined Networks

Yanjun Li, Xiaobo Li and Osamu Yoshie
Waseda University, Japan

A hybrid GPSO with structure learning and fuzzy reasoning for training a NN

Haydee Melo and Junzo Watada
Waseda University, Japan

Preparation of Core-shell Structured Polystyrene/BaTiO3 Nanocomposites for High-k Dielectric Applications

Ke Yang, Xingyi Huang and Pingkai Jiang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Linear Adaptive Search Range Model for Uni-prediction and Motion Analysis for Bi-prediction in HEVC

Longshan Du, Zhenyu Liu, Takeshi Ikenaga and Dongsheng Wang
Tsinghua University, China

Excellent Poster Presentation Award

Exploring the genomic changes between ancestral and evolved Escherichia coli populations

Yan-Cong Zhang and Kui Lin
Beijing Normal University, China

OSPF Penetration Testing Based on Route Spoofing Vulnerability

Da Ju, Yubo Song, Yunfeng Xia, Ziqi Xia and Jingying Zhou
Southeast University, China

Human Detection And Tracking Under Complex Poses Using Poselet With Particle Filters

Ngoc Nam Bui, Thuong Khanh Tran, Jin Young Kim and The Bao Pham
Chonnam National University, Korea

An Improved Approach to Parameter Extraction for De-embedding

Jiang Yang and Ludi Li
Southeast University, China

The Bi2Te3-based thermal-electric film structure with high photon-to-heat conversion in the 250-1200 nm wavelength region

E. T. Hu, Y. Yao, K. Y. Zang, J. Li, Y. X. Zheng, R. J. Zhang, S. Y. Wang, L. Y. Chen, N. He, O. Yoshie, Yang-Pak Lee, C. Z. Wang and D. W. Lynch
Fudan University, China

A Model for Evaluating People's Influence in Social Network

Lingchen Zheng, Yi Yang and Yan Xu
Southeast University, China

High-Temperature-Resistant Interconnection Using Nickel Nanoparticles for SiC Power Devices

Yasunori Tanaka, Suguru Hashimoto, Tomonori Iizuka and Kohei Tatsumi
Waseda University, Japan

Performance Evaluation of MIMO Systems under Different Channel Conditions

Hanjing Fang and Jiaheng Wang
Southeast University, China

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