Information for Registration

Please make a registration from the following link by September 22nd (Mon).
For those participants who will be accompany another participant, please make sure to have them registered separately.
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Following are the necessary information in this registration.

Personal Information

  • 1. Please write your name exactly as shown on your passport.
  • 2. Please select your title. If your title is not shown in the list, please select "other".
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Following are the questions for your participation in ISIPS.

  • 1. Please let us know if you need lunch. If yes, please select the meal preference from below 3 choices: Standard, Halal, Vegetarian.
  • 2. We are preparing a factory tour in the morning of 13th (Thu) for those who wish to participate. You can select one out of three factories of your choice. The maximum number of participants in each factory tour is 50. We will reserve the spot in order of arrival.
  • Factory Tour 1: YASKAWA Electric Corporation
    • YASKAWA Electric Corporation is the first company in Japan who released the first all-electric industrial robot known as “MOTOMAN” and has continued to lead the international industrial robot industry. In this factory tour, you can see the manufacturing process of “robot making a robot” and many other demonstrations conducted by industrial robot.
  • Factory Tour 2: Denso Kyushu
    • Denso Kyushu produces Air Conditioning System (HVAC) and Diesel fuel injection system for automobiles. Denso Kyushu is a growing company that supports the automobile industry in Northern Kyushu. In this factory tour, you can see how the new employee will be trained, how the injector and HVAC will be assembled.
  • Factory Tour 3: J-Power
    • J-POWER is an electric power wholesaler with a proven track record of reliable, low-cost power supply. The nationwide network of power transmission trunk lines they have built and operate has made a significant contribution to Japan's economic development and the improvement of living standards in Japan. In this factory tour, you can see/learn the outline of EAGLE Project (Coal Energy Application for Gas, Liquid, and Electricity), operating room of thermal power plant and “Hibikinada” solar power plant.
  • 3. There will be a banquet in the evening of November 13th (Thu). Please let us know if you would like to attend.
  • 4. We are planning following IPS laboratory tour for the ones who visit IPS for the first time.
  • It is not mandatory but should you wish to join this tour, please select one from below options.
  • Laboratory Tour 1: Information Architecture for Artificial Wisdom
    • - Data Engineering
    • - Example-based Machine Translation/NL
  • Laboratory Tour 2: LSI Design and Verification Technologies
    • - Circuit-Level Verification Technologies
    • - High-Frequency Circuit
  • Laboratory Tour 3: Management and Production Information Systems
    • - Management Engineering
    • - Production Management Information System
  • Laboratory Tour 4: Multimedia Information and Communication Systems
    • - Multimedia Systems
    • - Mobile Systems LSI
  • Laboratory Tour 5: Robotics, Control and Computational Intelligence
    • - Process Control
    • - Bio-Robotics & Human-Mechatronic
  • Laboratory Tour 6: Sensor, MEMS and Advanced Materials
    • - Advanced Materials
    • - Sensing Systems