Kagami Memorial Research Institute for Materials Science and Technology

ZAKEN Open Seminar

As part of our contributions to society, an open seminar is held once a year on selected hot topics in the field of materials science and engineering. This seminar, conducted by specialists working at the forefront of the field, is open to participants from both inside and outside the university. The seminar is sponsored by the Laboratory with co-sponsorships of many academic societies.

Educational Program

An extension course for fostering front-line engineers, collectively called “Educational Program”, is offered to corporate engineers, young researchers, and graduate students over a duration of ten days (half a day per week) each second half of the year (September through December). The subject for this course is selected each year, and a specialist who is actively enga ged in the work in the selected field is chosen as the lecturer. Applications for attending this program are accepted each August.

Colloquium (Lecture Meeting)

The Laboratory has been conducting lecture meetings to make contributions to the progress in various fields of science and engineering with a focus on materials engineering. Such meetings are held at suitable locations when requested by an organization or a company. The Laboratory also hosts a colloquium as one of its annual events. In terms of time, content, style, frequency, etc., several systematic and graded series of colloquiums are being planned for the future, with a new to accommodating more participants and enhancing educational effectiveness.

Contract Training System

The Contract Training System provides guidance for research and technology to mid-career engineers on the basis of a contract with governmental organizations or private companies. Participants should have an educational background beyond high school, and more than three years of practical technical experience. The course consists of laboratory work, research, and seminars. The researcher appointed by the Laboratory assigns the subjects for Laboratory work and research pertaining to the field requested by the trainee. The trainee may participate in the seminar conducted by the researcher in charge. The course begins in April, and applications are accepted until the end of March each year.

Contract Research System

The Contract Research System is designed for active engineers and researchers with a scientific and technical background higher than that required for participants of the Contract Training System described above. It offers a place and the opportunity for the participants to enhance the level of scientific and engineering research, to re-develop their own abilities, and to prepare for acquiring a doctoral degree. Qualifications required for admission include a bachelor's degree from a science or engineering department of a university or a college, or an equivalent level of education. Research of the participating individual is conducted in the relevant field under the supervision of a professor selected by him/her. The contract research participant may attend seminar conducted by the professor, as well as lectures in the School of Science and Engineering and in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering*. Tuition will be charged to the participant. * The university's Graduate School of Science and Engineering offers a "Special Selection System for Working Individuals", under which a participant may be admitted as a graduate student without leaving his/her employment. This system may apply if a researcher of the Laboratory holds a concurrent post at the Graduate School.

Research Encouragement System

The Laboratory has a research-education fund established with donations from philanthropists and retired members of its research staff. It is used to provide financial support to young researchers of the Laboratory in the form of research incentives.


The results of research performed by members of the research staff are published in various technical society publications. Also, the Laboratory publishes two journals, "Zaiken Hokoku" (in Japanese) and "Zaiken" (in English) and publicizes its research activities once a year. The English publication "Zaiken" is distributed to relevant organizations in Japan as well as to universities, technical societies, and research institutions in Europe and America in exchange for foreign publications. The Laboratory also publishes "the Proceedings of Open Seminars", containing papers presented at the annual Open Seminar.

Research Meeting

To promote scientific and technical exchange among specialists from both inside and outside the Laboratory, research meetings are held in the Laboratory at suitable times. Those meetings take a variety of forms including lectures and presentations of research results by speakers from both inside and outside the university as well as by students.