Kagami Memorial Research Institute for Materials Science and Technology

Kazuyuki KURODA

Kazuyuki KURODA

Kazuyuki KURODA

TEL : 03-5286-3199  FAX : 03-5286-3199
e-mail : kuroda@waseda.jp

(b. 1950), B.S.(1974, Waseda), M. Eng.(1976, Waseda), Ph. D.(1979, Waseda), British Council Scholarship(1980-1981, Univ. Aberdeen), Assistant Prof.(1982, Waseda), Associate Prof.(1984, Waseda), Prof.(1989, Waseda). Regional Editor for Microporous Mesoporous Materials(Elsevier), International Editorial Advisory Board Member for Chemical Communications, Editorial Board Members for J. Porous Materials, J. Nanoscience Nanotechnol.


Inorganic materials chemistry is the main subject of study in our laboratory. The synthetic chemistry of inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials is currently investigated. We focus on the synthetic strategies based on cooperative organization of inorganic and organic compounds. Inorganic compounds we utilize range from layered oxides to molecules and ions. The following are the areas of our interests: 1)Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Nanocomposites by Intercalation and Their Applications. 1-1)immobilization of photofunctional materials, 1-2)organic modification of interlayer surfaces of layered materials, and 1-3)preparation of layered material-polymer hybrids; 2)Synthesis and Structural Control of Mesostructured and Mesoporous Materials. 2-1)synthesis of novel mesoporous materials, morphological control, and functionalization, 2-2)mesostructured inorganic-organic hybrids derived from tetraalkoxysilane and organoalkoxysilanes with long chain alkyl groups.

Representative publications

“Molecular Manipulation of Two-and Three-Dimensional Silica Nanostructures by Alkoxysilylation of a Layered Silicate Octosilcate and Subsequent Hydrolysis of Alkoxy Groups” J. Am. Chem. Soc., in press(2005).
“Orientation of mesochannels in continuous mesoporous silica films by a high magnetic field”J. Mater. Chem., 15, 1137(2005).
“Selective formation of siloxane-based hybrid cages with methylene groups in the frameworks”Chem. Comm., 2672(2004).
“Fabrication of magnetic mesostructured nickel-cobalt alloys from lyotropic liquid crystalline media by electroless deposition”J. Mater. Chem., 14, 2935(2004).
“Silica films with a single-crystalline mesoporous structure”Nature Mater., 3, 651(2004).
“Influence of the kind of layered disodium disilicates on te formation of silica-organic mesostructured materials”Chem. Mater., 16, 3224(2004).
“Silica-based mesostructured materials induced by surfactant assemblies in the two-dimensionally limited space of a layered polysilicate kanemite”Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., 77, 585(2004).
“Formation of layered silica-alcohol nanostructured materials from alkoxytrichlorosilance”Chem. Mater., 15, 4768(2003).
“Direct formation of mesostructured silica-based hybrids from novel siloxane oligomers with long alkyl chains”Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 42, 4057(2003).
“Synthesis of interlamellar silylated derivatives of magadiite and the adsorption behavior for aliphatic alcohols”Chem. Mater., 15, 3134(2003).

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