Kagami Memorial Research Institute for Materials Science and Technology


October 1938 Castings Research Laboratory established. First director, Dr. Tokiji Ishikawa
December 1941 First report of the Castings Research Laboratory issued (in Japanese).
December 1942 Second prototype manufacturing factory built with a donation by Mr. Ryoko Kagami, resulting in the expansion of plastic processing research facilities.
March 1946 Dr. Tokiji Ishikawa resigns as director. Dr. Koichi Shimada holds the post concurrently with his presidency of Waseda University.
February 1947 Dr. Ichiro Iidaka appointed as second director. Dr. Iidaka, overcoming numerous difficulties amid the postwar confusion, collected donations for financial aid/research scholarships and equipment through the courtesy of public/private organizations and companies in order to reorganize the research system.
December 1950 Report of Castings Research Laboratory first published. Distributed throughout the world, publicizing the results of research.
September 1956 Dr. Shoichi Shiozawa appointed as third director. Accompanying the rapid development of related engineering fields, Dr. Shiozawa intensified and expanded the fields of research. With the aim of establishing an environment for cooperative research from a comprehensive viewpoint, he initiated work on processing engineering and fundamental research in the fields of deformation processing, surface processing, powder metallurgy, and cast iron metallurgy.
March 1958 Report of Castings Research Laboratory reissued (in Japanese). Distributed domestically, publicizing the results of research.
October 1962 Dr. Fusao Hayama appointed as fourth director. Dr. Hayama contributed to developments in educational and industrial circles, by establishing a system for accepting researchers and trainees from other institutions with a view to educating researchers and engineers.
October 1968 Dr. Shigeo Oya appointed as fifth director. Dr. Oya began raising funds to expand the research laboratories in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Laboratory. Donations were collected from as many as 132 companies in related fields.
October 1973 35th anniversary of the founding of the Laboratory.
July 1975 New research building No. 3 completed.
March 1976 Objective of 35th anniversary projects achieved.
October 1976 Dr. Takaji Kusakawa appointed as sixth director. Dr. Kusakawa carried out long-term, cooperative research with support from the Fund for the Advancement of Science from the Foundation for Promotion of Private Schools.
October 1980 Dr. Shigetomo Ueda appointed as seventh director.
April 1981 Mr. Shigekichi Aikawa, who contributed to the operation of the research laboratory, joined the Laboratory as a supporting member.
April 1982 Research promotion system improved and the number of research assistants increased.
Commemorative events such as lectures and meetings were held, and publications issued for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Waseda University.
October 1982 Dr. Nobuhisa Tsutsumi appointed as eighth director.
October 1986 Dr. Eiichi Kato appointed as ninth director.
October 1988 Objective of 50th anniversary projects achieved.
Renamed Kagami Memorial Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology.
October 1990 Dr. Teruhisa Watanabe appointed as tenth director. Dr. Watanabe worked on a new mid-term plan and augmented the research staff.
October 1992 Dr. Masayuki Uda appointed as eleventh director.
September 1996 Dr. Iwao Ohdomari appointed as twelfth director.
September 1998 Dr. Ichiro Ohba appointed as thirteenth director.
November 1998 Projects commemorating 60th anniversary.
September 2000 Dr. Michihiko Nagumo appointed as fourteenth director.
September 2002 Dr. Noboro Ichinose appointed as fifteenth director.
September 2004 Dr.Hideo Nakae appointed as sixteenth director.
September 2006 Dr.Yoshiji Horikoshi appointed as seventeenth director.
March 2007 Dr.Hideo Nakae appointed as eighteenth director.
April 2007 Renamed Kagami Memorial Research Institute for Materials Science and Technology.
September 2008 Dr.Mitsugu Motomura appointed as nineteenth director.
September 2010 Dr.Yoshiji Horikoshi appointed as twentieth director.
September 2012 Dr.Kazuyuki Kuroda appointed as twenty-first director.
September 2014 Dr.Yasumasa Koyama appointed as twenty-second director.
September 2016 Dr.Yasumasa Koyama appointed as twenty-third director.