What is the Academic Advising Office?

Waseda University consists of undergraduate schools, graduate schools, research institutes (centers), libraries, museums, and various other academic institutes, and offers a wide variety of student services and faculty services from its many different facilities.

The sheer number of such services previously led to problems with users facing inconvenience when attempting to access the services and information that they really needed, given that it was difficult to find out where the related service counters were located. Thus, the University considered improving counter services with the result that, in 2006, our Office was established to offer one-stop counter services.

Our Office offers support and services so that not only students but everyone coming to Waseda University, including faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as general visitors, can make effective use of the University's resources and can feel at ease and satisfied to the point where they can say, "I'm glad I came to Waseda!"


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