About Our Office

The Academic Advising Office has five roles:

◆Convenient university-wide information desk
As a university-wide inquiry counter, our Office accepts a wide variety of inquiries, such as campus facilities guidance, inquiries about lost property on campus, and consultations on taking courses. If you do not know where to address a question, if you are not sure if it is OK to ask a certain question, or if you have any kind of problem, contact our Office first. Our Office also offers rental umbrellas and other services.

◆Student consultation counter for common university-wide courses
Our Office acts as a student consultation counter for the Media Network Center and Open Education Center, offering consultations on taking their courses. Open Education Center and Media Network Center courses are available to all students, regardless of the undergraduate school or graduate school to which students belong.

◆IT services support
As a counter of the IT Center, which deals with IT infrastructure services on campus, our Office provides support for the University's IT services. Our Office can arrange the provision of support by a professional team from the IT Center, in accordance with the user's needs, such as help on operating PCs and connecting to the on-campus networks, the loan of audio-visual equipment and software (for faculty and staff), support for using classroom audio-visual equipment, and assistance in creating course content.

◆Steering of student participation projects
As part of planning measures for improving student services, our Office develops student participation projects. As of 2013, two projects ("Professionals Workshop" and "Kouhai Navi") are in progress.

◆Assistance with, and promotion of, academic and administrative affairs
As a system for assisting with university-wide academic and administrative affairs, the Academic Affairs Division, the Personnel Division, and Media Network Center jointly launched the "academic and administrative affairs assistance and promotion project" (2007), whereby our Office acts as the unit for implementing academic and administrative affairs assistance. Every year, our Office publicly seeks staff, and steers the "academic and administrative affairs study team." With the project system, our Office enhances university-wide academic and administrative affairs, and carries out activities to solve common problems beyond the barriers of the undergraduate and graduate schools.