Center for Finance Research, Waseda University

Center for Finance Research Waseda University

The Waseda Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law (NFS) and Center for Finance Research (CFR) are collocated at the Waseda Nihombashi Campus. The Center for Finance Research is composed of the Institute of Financial Studies (WIF) and the Business Information Academy (WBA).

The Institute of Financial Studies (WIF)

The WIF has been established with the goal of being one of Japan's key finance research institutes, through basic and applied research focused on finance. The WIF actively pursues joint research with business corporations, organizations, and external research institutes, including contracted and funded research projects.

We are committed to creating innovation in finance, upon which collaboration between the industrial, governmental, and academic sectors hinges. We are also committed to contributing to the infrastructure for market-driven finance through advances in academic research, such as by building databases.

The Business and information Academy (WBA)

The WBA provides a variety of short and intensive programs for practitioners who want to improve their professional skills. The WBA also organizes customized programs for companies and organizations to train their employees.

Collaboration of Research and Education through the CFR

The Center for Finance Research focuses on developing human resources and contributing to society by swiftly reflecting the latest results from WIF research projects in the lectures and educational programs of the Graduate School (NFS) and the Business Information Academy (WBA). We also strive to make a broad social contribution by having a major academic impact through our research, and by influencing business practices and the public policymaking process.

The Finance Research Workshop
The Finance Research Workshop

The Finance Research Workshop

The WIF has launched a wide range of research projects by actively pursuing joint research with corporations, organizations, and external research institutes, as well as contracted and funded research. One example is the "Finance R&D Studio" on the Nihombashi Campus. The goal of this workshop is to create innovation in finance using state-of-the-art facilities, by gathering researchers and real-world experts in a wide range of fields, including financial theory, financial engineering, market microstructure (market systems and behavior of market players), experimental finance, and artificial markets.

WIF Research Projects

The WIF is active in leading-edge theoretical research into finance, as well as academic research relating to finance, including in such fields as accounting, law, and economics.

Themes of Research Projects

  1. Applied Finance
  2. Market Microstructure and Institutions
  3. Real Options Research
  4. Credit Risk Modeling
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance
  6. Research and Education
  7. Islamic Finance

Financial Services Innovation Research for 2008~2010

In September 2008, we launched a government-sponsored research project; Financial Services Innovation Research. The goal of the project is to establish new educational programs and to develop tools for human resource development in financial and related industries. We invite many academic and industry members to implement the following research topics.

  1. Liquidity Risk Management Unit
  2. Risk Management (Credit and Operational Risk) and Bank Risk Management Unit
  3. Corporate Governance Unit
  4. Business Ethics in Finance Unit

We try to develop several new gradate level courses covered these research topics and also create related teaching materials (cases, advanced textbooks, computer software) based on current research.

Courses Developed by the Financial Service Innovation Management Research Project

  1. Corporate Valuation in M&A
  2. Internal Control for Financial Institutions
  3. Financial Products Strategies and Corporate Risk Management
  4. Credit Risk Modeling
  5. Governance and Rules of Professional Conduct of Financial Services Business
  6. Bank Gaming Simulation
  7. Derivative Virtual Market
  8. Ethics and Professional Conduct: Principle and Case Studies

The WIF Working Papers Series

The Working Paper Series and other research publications feature research by faculty and affiliated scholars to disseminate research-in-progress and promoting constructive debate. Most of the papers listed below are available online in PDF format. Comments on individual working papers and others are very welcome, and should be directed to the authors. The title of the authors is the one quoted at the time they were posted.

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Nihombashi Finance Forum

We are also committed to making a broad contribution to society. We work actively to disclose the socioeconomic implementations of our research results, and also organize seminars and symposiums to enlighten the practitioners and professionals and influence public policy and the like. The WIF regularly hosts the Nihombashi Finance Forum. This forum serves as a platform for active discussion and debate among people involved in finance, in order to provide opportunities for discussion inside and outside the Nihombashi Campus.

Nihombashi Finance Forum01 Nihombashi Finance Forum02

WBA Program: Learn Today the Knowledge You’ll Need Tomorrow

The Business and Information Academy (WBA) serves people who want to upgrade their skills in specialist sectors and be brought abreast of the very latest developments through intensive study for practitioners in general. We provide the following short-term intensive course.

  1. Equity Fund Management
  2. Investment Banking
  3. Investment Trust Management
  4. Pension Fund Management