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Tenure Track Researchers / Hirofumi Notsu

Hirofumi Notsu

  • Doctor of Mathematics
  • Associate Professor,Waseda Institute for Advanced Study

Research Topics

We develop high-quality numerical schemes for flow problems, which are useful from both engineering and mathematical viewpoints. To be specific, devising characteristics finite element schemes, which are useful for large-scale computations, we theoretically analyze the stability and convergence of the numerical solutions to be obtained. Moreover, the performance of the schemes by results of applications to high Reynolds number problems and large scale computations is shown.

Education and Academic Employment

2000-04 Shimane Prefectural High School Teacher (Mathematics)
2004-09 Technical Staff of Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University
2009 Doctor of Mathematics, Kyushu University
2009-10 Postdoctoral Researcher of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2010-11 Research Fellow of Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences

Research Fields of Interest

  • The method of characteristics
  • Finite element method
  • Finite difference method
  • Flow problems

Academic Publications

  1. H. Notsu and M. Tabata, A single-step characteristic-curve finite element scheme of second order in time for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol.38, No.1 (2009), pp.1-14.
  2. H. Notsu, Numerical computations of cavity flow problems by a pressure stabilized characteristic-curve finite element scheme, Transactions of the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science, Vol.2008 (2008), No.20080032.
  3. M. Kimura and H. Notsu, A level set method using the signed distance function, Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vol.19, No.3 (2002), pp.415-446.

Membership of Academic Organization

The Mathematical Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science.


2003 Best Paper Award in 2003, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
2010 Best Poster Award in 2010, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics