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Researchers / Yu Tahara

Yu Tahara

  • Doctor of Science
  • Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study

Research Topics

The circadian clock system in mammals comprises endogenous pacemakers located in the brain and periphery that organize various biological activities. I am interested in the effect of physical and psychological stress on the circadian clock system.

Education and Academic Employment

2008 B. Science, Waseda University
2010 M. Science, Waseda University
2013 D. Science, Waseda University
2011-2013 JSPS Research Fellow (DC2)
2011-2012 Visiting Researcher, Dept. Psychiatry, UCLA
2013-2014 Research Associate, Waseda University
2014-2015 Assistant Professor, Waseda University
2015- Assistant Professor, WIAS, Waseda University

Research Fields of Interest

  • Circadian rhythm
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology

Academic Publications

  1. Ohnishi N#, Tahara Y#, Kuriki D, Haraguchi A, and Shibata S, Warm water bath stimulates phase-shifts of the peripheral circadian clocks in PER2::LUCIFERASE mouse, PLoS ONE, 9: e100272, (#These authors equally contributed this work.)

  2. Nakamura Y*, Ishimaru K*, Tahara Y*, Shibata S, Nakao A, Disruption of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Blunts A Time of Day-Dependent Variation in Systemic Anaphylactic Reaction in Mice, (*These authors equally contributed this work.), J Immunological Research, 2014:474217.

  3. Tahara Y, Shibata S, Circadian rhythm and food/nutrition. Mechanisms of Circadian Systems in Animals and Their Clinical Relevance, Springer, Review, 2014, 237-260.

  4. Tahara Y, Shibata S, Chrono-biology, chrono-pharmacology, and chrono-nutrition, J pharm Sci., Review, 2014, 124:320-335.

  5. Tahara Y, Shibata S, Chronobiology and Nutrition. Neuroscience, Review, 2013, 253: 78-88.

  6. Tahara Y, Kuroda H, Saito K, Nakajima Y, Kubo Y, Ohnishi N, Seo Y, Otsuka M, Fuse Y, Ohura Y, Komatsu T, Moriya Y, Okada S, Furutani N, Hirao A, Horikawa K, Kudo T, Shibata S, In Vivo Monitoring of Peripheral Circadian Clocks in the Mouse. Curr Biol, 2012, 22: 1029-1034.

  7. Tahara Y, Otsuka M, Fuse Y, Hirao A, and Shibata S, Restricted feeding elicits insulin-dependent regulation of Per2 and Rev-erba gene expression as an early step in entrainment of the liver clock, J Biol Rhythms, 2011, 26: 230-240.

  8. Tahara Y, Hirao A, Moriya T, Kudo T, Shibata S, Dorsomedial hypothalamus is not necessary for the feeding-induced entrainment of liver circadian rhythm in Per2::luc knock-in mouse. J Biol Rhythms, 2010, 25: 9-18.

Membership of Academic Organization

Japanese Society for Chronobiology
The Japanese Pharmacology Society
Physiological Society of Japan
Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science
Society of Research on Biological Rhythms


2010 Poster Award, Annual meeting of Japanese society for Chronobiology
2012, 2014 Research Merit Award, SRBR meeting