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Researchers / Kazuto Ohtsuki

Kazuto Ohtsuki

  • Ph.D., Politics
  • Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study

Research Topics

I study the processes in which governance and conflict affect each other, using game theory, observational study, and experiment. More specifically, I investigate: (1) how war leads to institutional change (such as democratization); (2) how politics and economics affect the processes of war, which determine social suffering in the long run; and (3) how conflict within and between nations can be resolved by institutional change. My research advances the scientific literature that has paid almost exclusive attention to the causes of war as a rather isolated single event.

Education and Academic Employment

2016 - Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
2014 - 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow (research and teaching), Carnegie Mellon University
2014 Ph.D., Politics, New York University
2009 M.A., Politics, New York University
2007 B.A., Politics, New York University

Research Fields of Interest

  • War and its consequences
  • Democracy
  • Arms selection during war

Academic Publications

  • “Buying the Best Deal: Foreign Aid Allocation and the Types of Policy Concessions.” International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, (first published online) August, 2015.
  • Other Interests

    Baseball, fishing, trekking, and cooking

    Membership of Academic Organization

    American Political Science Association
    International Studies Association, Peace Science Society


    2007 Highest Honors and Best Thesis Award, Dept. of Politics, New York University