Dean's Message

Mimura, Takao

Schools are facing a tough situation with the changes that are taking place in society and children's behavior, and hence teachers now need to be nurtured that can handle that situation through having advanced levels of qualifications and dynamism.

Mimura, Takao
(Dean of the Graduate School of Teacher Education)

Goal of Graduate School of Teacher Education

The various social changes that are taking place in the world of education are revealing a number of problems with the education and teachers of schools. There is a pressing need for teachers that are well-rounded socially, of sound character, and very disciplined to be nurtured, who can then help deal with the above mentioned problems.

The Graduate School of Teacher Education is a professional graduate school and involves a new type of educational system. It aims to develop high quality teacher-training curriculums and at the same time build a coalition of schools and boards of education, while taking advantage of our previous experience with training teachers and educational research. We feel our mission is to meet the expectations of society by fostering teachers that are more than capable of meeting current social needs.

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