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All Japan Champion of Kyokushin-Karate in the lightweight class
Mr. Yuzo Suzuki

Mr. Yuzo Suzuki
Born in 1984, graduated from Gyosei High School, currently senior in the School of Sports Sciences (Professor Yasuo Kawakami's class); his hobbies are sports and reading books. His career in Karate; Vice champion of lightweight class of the world Karate tournament in 2005, champion of lightweight class in the Japan Karate tournament in 2006

"I will do it!" Mr Suzuki has always pushed himself to achieve victory, and in this way he entered Waseda University and came to be an international champion at Karate. "I have always believed in myself and done my best, so I have been able to get over anything difficult." This is his belief that keeping on thinking positively is necessary to achieve anything.

Kyokushin-Karate is actual combat, not just practicing the forms of karate in the way that he did during his elementary school days. He got into Kyokushin-Karate because of its dynamism which he saw on a television program about the sport. Soon after joining the Kyokushin-Kaikan school, he developed his gift for Karate and won three victories in tournaments from junior-high through high school. He joined in a training camp for selecting representatives for a world tournament in his first year in the university. He remembers it as follows. "I couldn't believe that I was selected as a member of the training camp due to my low level, but I did believe it on becoming one of the representatives for Japan." After all, he became what he had believed he would and won his vice-championship.

His short height might have been a handicap, but his speedy fighting style, especially the ceaseless jabs that are called the “machine-gun-like rush”, completely compensates for his disadvantages. Physical toughness is also a key to his power as is proved by his very few experiences of severe injury. However, he doesn't rely on this but studies how to take care of his body at classes in Waseda. In this way, he keeps in the best condition for a match, after which he must improve his concentration by eliminating any unnecessary thoughts and being beyond himself as if he were absolutely alone. "Just before fighting, I have a piercing look and a goblin-like expression which would frighten children. This is because I am improving my concentration so that I can dodge attacks." Even as he says this, we cannot imagine his tough spirit from his bright smile.

He currently trains himself as well as coaches children at a Karate school. His current targets are to become the light weight champion in the world Karate tournament and to fight well in the global open weight class next year. "Of course my entry into the competition isn't definite yet, but I will be there!" he says decisively.

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