Waseda Walker


It used to be a residence of the Ii family (the Hikone Clan) and Matsudaira family (the Takamatsu Clan). Shigenobu Okuma remodeled the garden into semi-Western style. He placed a vast lawn, artificial hills, and ponds, and grew melons in a hothouse for the first time in Japan. After the death of Okuma, it was donated to Waseda University. Although it suffered serious damage in the air raid of 1945, it was almost restored and now is a recreation place for students.

Open  11:00-16:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during school term, April to December
※Closed on rainy days

▲Reduced-size replica of “Shotoku-Daiou-Shinkyo” which was donated by the Korean graduates’ association in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the university

okuma garden
▲The site area is about 8.17 acres. Crowded with students during lunchtime. You can also enter it from the Rihga Royal Hotel, which is located deep in the garden.


From 2008 July 10th Issue