Waseda Walker


Kansen’en Park
“Healing” Japanese garden in walking distance of Waseda


It is said that it used to be a residence of the Shimizu family, one of Tokugawa Gosankyo (3 clans), and also a facility affiliated with Waseda University for a while. It became a metropolitan park after the war, and since 1969 has belonged to Shinjuku Ward. The name Kansen’en (it means sweet spring garden) derives from the fact that the spring water in the garden was suitable for tea.

Access  7 minutes walk from the Main Gate of Waseda University, or 1 minute walk from Nishi-Waseda intersection
In front of Bldg19.

Open 7:00-19:00 (till 17:00 November to February)

▲One of the highlights in this season is colorful hydrangeas

▲It has a gourd-shaped pond “Yabuki no I” and an artificial hill “Mishima-yama”


From 2008 June 19th Issue