Interesting Lectures and Seminars :
“Women: Business and Life Design (Science and Technology Category)” Open Education Center
-- How to Live as a Woman-

3rd-year students of the School of Education
Maki Ueno and Kaori Negishi

Ms. Keiko Fukuzawa
The guest speaker, Ms. Keiko Fukuzawa, is a journalist. While still a student of the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, she published a magazine, “Our Job-Hunt Book,” based on the “true feelings” of female students,.

In recent years, it has become normal for Japanese women to work in business. But as working women, they may face a number of hopeless barriers, which might otherwise be very happy things for many women. These include things such as pregnancy, having a baby, and raising children.

Those who attend this course, “Women: Business and Life Design,” consider how to get through these difficulties and continue working. The course lasts half a year and is especially for female students in science-related courses. We mainly get lectures in class, and sometimes do workshops. As a course of the Open Education Center, it is also open to high school students.

During the course, guest speakers come and give us lectures. These guest speakers are women who didn't quit their job for their children's sakes. They tell us a lot about the difficulties, but they also eagerly tell us not to give up, which is a feeling from their real experience.

The topic of today's lecture was “Jobs and Life Design: Hints for Thinking about One's Future.” Today's guest speaker, Ms. Keiko Fukuzawa, told us a number of differences between working arrangements before and after having children. Then she categorized them by type, and told us about the merits and demerits of each. This lecture gave us some clear answers to our uncertainty about working after having children. Also, we realized how important it is to decide things by thinking about our real life.

In the workshop, we write our own “Future Diary,” thinking about ourselves living in 10 years' time. From the diary we discuss what will need to be done to fulfill our ideals about the future. Then we talk to the class about what we discussed.

From this class, we really began to appreciate the difficulties facing working women. But we also realized that we have to look at a situation carefully, think about it by ourselves, and decide what course of action to take.

This class is mainly for women, but we also recommend it for men!

This class was set up by a Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology: “Female Researchers Promotion Model ? ‘Waseda University, Plan of Gender Equality for Training Researchers,’” given by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, in 2006. The coordinator is Mr. Tetsuya Yaguchi from the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences. Classes are on Fridays and Saturdays, attended by about 300 university and high school students.

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