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A Karate Club with a long history

Kumite Game in the 75th Memorial Martial Arts Contest
Kumite Game in the 75th Memorial Martial Arts Contest

The Waseda University Karate Club was first set up in 1931 as the “Karate Circle”, and then later officially recognized as the Karate Club. This club celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year. Judging from the spectacular ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary that was held the other day, the club is one that has been supported by a long history and the passionate enthusiasm of countless people over time. Many splendid people connected to the club attended the ceremony, such as Tsutomu Ohshima, who crossed over to the U.S.A after graduation and after that made vigorous efforts to spread karate around the world, and his junior, Eli-Eliahu Cohen, the Israeli Ambassador to Japan. More than 200 people gathered at the ceremony.

The ordinary activities of the Karate Club are as follows: from Monday to Friday: we practice after classes, and on Saturday, we practice in the morning for 2 hours at the karate training hall near the COOP Book Center on the Nishi-Waseda Campus. The first half of the practice menu consists of the training of the feet and waist and learning the basic movements of karate. The latter half consists of ‘kumite’ training, in order to gain a command of the basic movements by practicing attack and defense with other people. Members can keep a high level of concentration during the short practice period, so the substantial practice is filled with a positive tension. Also, scientific muscle training for building basic power is included in the practice.

Now the number of club members is about 25, and all the men and women in it get along well together. During the training, they work hard together, but after practice the juniors and seniors give advice to each other, and the training hall is loud with laughter. Karate is an individual sport, but the solidarity of the Waseda Karate Club as one united team is strong.

The main achievements of the club have been the first prize in the 10th Japanese University Karate Games, won by Yasunori Ono (graduated in 1968), who is the coach for the individual kumite tournament, and the second prize in the 11th Games held the following year. In the team kumite tournament, we won the first prize in the 7th Universities of East Japan Karate Games and won the third prize in the same year in the 15th Japanese University Karate Games. However, we haven't won any major prizes recently, so we are practicing hard every day to try again ever harder.

All people can enjoy karate regardless of age and sex, and regardless of physical coordination. So even those who do not have much confidence in their physical abilities can easily participate in the Karate Club, which always welcomes new members.

After the summer camp in Chiba Pref. (the writer is the first person on the right in the second row)

Words of enthusiasm from the Club Captain

The Captain of the Karate Club, Hijiri Hasegawa (School of Sport Sciences, 4th year) says,
“While I am a student, I want to break down the walls dividing the members of the karate clubs of top class universities, in order to leave something valuable behind for the younger members who come after me.”

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