First Hardcopy Issue of English Version of “Waseda Weekly”

A paper version of the English “Waseda Weekly” was finally published, amid the growing need for the provision of information in English for ever-increasing numbers of foreign students. The website has been updating the English version every week. However, it has now emerged from cyberspace onto the printed page as a paper we can actually pick up and read.

The first issue of the English version of “Waseda Weekly” includes six sections. It carefully selects and re-publishes articles which foreign students will be interested in from the articles put on the English website of “Waseda Weekly.” On the front page it reports on the “International Community Center,” which just opened this summer. This is a valuable source of information for foreign students, and also is more and more expected to offer a forum to which both Japanese students and international students can contribute. In addition, the first issue runs an original article on “The World of Waseda Sports” which introduces the typical sports events in the space of a year, as well as the popular columns of “People,” “Office Hour Talk with a Professor,”, and “News from the Waseda Neighborhood.”

You can get the English “Waseda Weekly” not only at the International Community Center, which is located in Building No. 25 on the Nishi-Waseda Campus, but also from the distribution boxes of “Waseda Weekly” on campus and at the Student Affairs Section. Though it was made in consideration of international students, it should be helpful for general students as good materials for learning English. It is scheduled to be published twice a year to coincide with the entrance ceremonies in April and September.

Incidentally, the original translation task of the website version of “Waseda Weekly” was performed by student volunteers who originally translate into English, with the article being uploaded onto the English website one week later, after checks by native speaker professors. We hope that students who want to translate for the “Waseda Weekly” will apply for the volunteer positions advertised on the Waseda-net portal and elsewhere twice a year.

Copyright (C) 2006 Student Affairs Division, WASEDA University. All rights reserved.
First drafted 2006 October 12.