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Last year's ski trip.
Last year's ski trip.

Takahide Ishiyama, Vice Captain
School of Social Sciences 4th Year

Judo started and developed in Japan, spread world-wide, and is now registered as an official Olympic sport. It has elements of martial arts such as throwing and holding. At the same time, it is distinguished by such educational elements as respectful manners. Many famous people have been Judo players. Not only Kosuke Inoue, a leading Japanese judo player, but also Hidehiko Yoshida and Naoya Ogawa, who later shifted to the general martial arts field, came originally from a Judo background.

Our Judo Club was established a long time ago, when Waseda University was still known as the Tokyo Senmon Gakko (College). Soon after the College was established, six sports clubs including baseball, tennis, and of course Judo, were recognized as official clubs. Since then, the Judo Club has trained many excellent players. Unfortunately, the number of members in our club has been steadily decreasing, due to the decrease in the total population of Judo players. However, we still continue to attract great players from among students who entered Waseda through high-school recommendations, or through ordinary entrance exams, and the Club is doing very well in spite of its smaller size. Last year, we gained 16th place in the All-Japan Team Competition and one player came 1st in the All-Japan Sports Club Competition.

We usually have 2 to 3 hours of practice at the Dojo next to the Co-op Store, from 6 in the evening from Tuesday to Friday, and from 10 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. Our basic practice routine starts from warming-up exercises and goes on to a rotary motion practice, basic repetition practice, practical groundwork (ne-waza) and standing work (tachi-waza), research on technique, reinforcement exercises and cool-down exercises. Some people do extra training and technical research on their own special interests. We also hold joint exercises and training camps with other universities and companies.

Since Judo is one of the martial arts, we are often regarded as a bunch of tough people but there are many interesting members in our club. Of course, when we practice, everybody is in very serious mode, but once practice has finished, we are just ordinary students, chatting to each other in a relaxed way. We sometimes stray away from Judo and enjoy ski trips or socializing with other sports clubs.

We are looking for new members 365 days a year! We warmly welcome not only experienced players but also inexperienced players, trainers and helpers too ( See this URL for details: http://www.waseda.jp/9a-judo/). We practice everyday (except Monday) at the gym next to the Co-op Store so please feel free to look in on our practice. What's more, the traditional Keio-Waseda game will be held at Waseda University this coming fall so why don't you come and watch? We would love to have your support!

A Word from the Captain

Takaya Nayuki
Judo Club Captain
School of Sports Science, 4th Year,

Second person from the right in the back row is the Captain, Takaya Nayuki.
Second person from the right in the back row is the Captain, Takaya Nayuki.

Our goal this year is to be number one in Japan. I would like to gain 8th place at least. You want to spend a passionate university life? Join us, and let's cry, laugh and grow together! Our goal is to nurture persons who can set clear goals and then do their best to achieve them.

—No passion, no life—

*An exhibition in honor of Keiki Osawa, winner of the Waseda University Sports Prize (Jyu-dan in Judo) is being held at the Waseda Gallery.

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