The 125th anniversary of WASEDA
In 2007, WASEDA will be 125 years old.
~500 days till the 125th anniversary~

Shigenobu Okuma
Shigenobu Okuma

The special meaning of the 125th anniversary

Approaching the University's 125th Anniversary on October 21, 2007, we of Waseda University consider it a “Second Founding”. Based on the idea of providing education, we aim at reaching the next level of development and social contribution. Our founder, Marquis Shigenobu Okuma, often talked about “The theory of living for 125 years”. He said “Human beings can in principle live to 125. If you pay attention to your health, you ought to be able to reach this age. According to the findings of biologists, living creatures have the ability to live five times longer than their growing period. As a person's growing period is said to be about 25 years, it follows that that human beings can live up to 125 years”. Because of this thought of his, we pay special attention to the number 125. For example, The Tower of Okuma Auditorium was designed to be 125 shaku high (about 38 meters). As the symbol of “The Second Founding”, The Okuma Memorial Tower, which was finished in February of this year, is designed to be 250 shaku high, exactly twice as high as the auditorium tower. At WASEDA, the 125th Anniversary is considered a very important event.

Okuma Auditorium

Reconstruction of Okuma Auditorium

As part of the 125th anniversary memorial program, restoration work on Okuma Auditorium will continue until around September of next year. With replacement of the outer tiles and reconstruction inside, the Auditorium is expected to evolve into a multi-purpose cultural center. Specifically, the following two points are the main focus of this re-construction.

The Main Auditorium, the Small Auditorium
The main auditorium will preserve its current appearance as much as possible. By improving the shading and noise reduction capacity, a better audio experience is expected to be achieved. With the help from the small auditorium, the main auditorium is going to be the integrated broadcast center of WASEDA culture.

No Barriers...
By installing elevators with seats and paths for wheelchairs, we hope to achieve a better experience for handicapped users.

Students-organized events keep on coming

There are many events planned for the 125th anniversary. Did you know that one of them is a Student Team “WASEDA 125” (an official student organization) that has been created as a part of the celebration activity? By joining the power of students with that of the university, it is hoped that in this year of “The Second Founding”, we can create a really rousing celebration. There are all sorts of student-initiated plans overflowing with originality. Information on these events will be published in the WASEDA Weekly and on the WASEDA Net-portal. Please feel free to join us!

Events planned by Student Team “WASEDA 125” (provisional schedule)

  • Production of 125th anniversary student memorial song. (starting in June, 2006)
  • Culture Talk 2006 “Waseda Spirits” Project. (October and November 2006)
  • Memorial Video Creation Project (planned for 2007)
  • 125 Penetration Project (planned to start in October, 2006)
  • 125th Establishment Anniversary Count Down Project (planned for October 20 and 21, 2007)
  • Sports-promotion Project (planned for 2007)
  • Region Project (planned to start in October, 2006)

The above schedule is still provisional. The titles and times are subject to change.

What is Student Team “WASEDA 125”?
With the 125th Anniversary theme of “From Co-understanding to Co-creation”, a student team that focuses on 125th Anniversary Celebration together with the university.
[URL] http://www.student-waseda125.jp

The installation of the Countdown Notice Board

Starting from 2006/6/8 to 2007/10/21, Two Countdown Notice Boards will be placed at Nishi-Waseda campus (North side of Ono Azusa Memorial Building (Building No. 27)) and Okubo Campus (East side of Shillman Hall (Building No.66)) respectively.

(This Notice Board is donated by Citizen Corporation for the 125th Anniversary. It will be retained as a radio-emission clock after the countdown event.)

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