Waseda Portal Office has just opened!

On 20th March, the Waseda Portal Office, a brand new student service at Waseda University, was opened for business. Providing convenient access for most students, it is located in the center part of the Nishi-Waseda Campus, on the First Floor of Building No. 7. Some of you may have already visited it for consultation on study matters. Let's take a look at the main services and future plans of this Portal Office, which is sure to be a great hit with students.
[URL] http://www.waseda.jp/wpo/

Waseda Portal Office

Information Counter
First stop: the "Information Counter".
Consultation booths for student/faculty interviews.
Consultation booths for student/faculty interviews.
Comfortable [Student Zone] (Discussion space available behind the partition)
Comfortable "Student Zone" (Discussion space available behind the partition)
Computers terminals (Front), Color printers (Rear — paper available at ¥50/sheet) ; Comprehensive user support.
Computers terminals (Front), Color printers (Rear — paper available at Y50/sheet) ; Comprehensive user support.

[The Main Services of the Portal Office]

The Portal Office provides the following services to students and faculty members.

  1. Study support on Inter-departmental Programs offered by MNC (Media Network Center) and the Open Education Center.
  2. Consultation services with support from faculty offices.
  3. Study support on creating multimedia contents and documents and help with new projects.
  4. IT consultation services through an improved Help Desk.

In recent years, as part of the movement to liberalize education throughout the university, a wide range of exciting inter-departmental programs has been inaugurated. Up until now, however, students who wanted to take part in these programs had to submit applications or obtain support from the respective offices of MNC and the Open Education Center.

The Portal Office places a high priority on user convenience. For this reason it has decided to integrate the study and support services of both MNC and the Open Education Center. In addition, in order to meet the increasing demand for a solid IT environment in education and research, new services are continuously been added, on top of the support services that have always been provided by the IT Center.

[The Ultimate Goal of the Portal Office]

In order to fulfill the above goals, the Portal Office has taken the following actions.

  1. The installation of interview booths to facilitate communication with students.
  2. The installation of a "Discussion Space" for group learning.
  3. The installation of wireless access points and computer terminals, as well as the provision of "Student Zones” to allow convenient use of these technologies.
  4. The provision of color printers (copy-card type) and auto certificate machines.

In addition to focusing on hardware optimization, the Portal Office is also concentrating on staff training programs to ensure that students receive the highest quality of personal service.

At the opening ceremony, Portal Office Manager Amano described the Portal Office's mission in the following way. "This office, with the goal of improving current services and pioneering the creation of new services for students, has equipped itself with various kinds of systems and facilities. I hope, by constantly improving our own services, we can achieve our goal of creating an office that can be used easily and comfortably by our students."

In the future, the Portal Office hopes to provide and integrate services that are currently offered by various institutions in the university, such as study support, career support, international study support and school-life support. The Portal Office's goal is to develop into a "One-stop Service" that is always responsive to student needs.

All Waseda students are encouraged to make use of the new Portal Office.

Waseda Portal Office (1/F, Building No. 7)
Mon~Fri 9:00-21:10
Sat 9:00-18:00

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