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Regarding the Usage of the Seminar Houses:

Waseda University has a total of six seminar houses located in Karuizawa, Matsudai, Sugadaira, Izukawana, Kamogawa and Honjo.
The seminar houses were established with the objectives of character development, trust building and tolerance between fellow students as well as students and faculty members.
This is accomplished through intensive study sessions and extracurricular activities that are conducted all while staying under the same roof with one another.

Applicants are advised to review and follow the below procedures when requesting access of a seminar house.

【Step 1: Terms of Use】
~ Applicants requesting usage must read the following conditions first.

The use of the Seminar Houses are limited to enrolled students (regular students) and faculty staff (full time) of this University.

For those who wish to use a Seminar House must register through My Waseda.
Please apply for usage under the following procedures.

You are allowed to choose from the following options: bank transfer, salary reduction (limited to faculty members), or school funding.
In general, students applying for usage are not allowed to choose from the salary reduction or school funding options, therefore are limited to the bank transfer option.

(1)Please follow the supervisor's instructions on your stay.
(2) In general, the seminar sources are self-service. These include constant cleanliness, disposal of garbage (burnable and non-burnable trash are to be separated)
as well as cleaning up after yourselves in order for the next visitors to have an enjoyable stay.
(3)Please follow the below “time schedule”rules:

・Wake up / Clean up ― 06:00~07:00
・Breakfast ― 07:30~(until) 08:30
・Lunch ― 12:00~(until)13:00
・Dinner― 18:00~(until)19:00
※Regarding mealtimes, please gather at the cafeteria when called by the management. Please be aware that times may be changed in accordance with reservation schedules.
・Bathtime ― 16:00~(until)20:00【Karuizawa, Matsudai】
 16:00~(until)22:00【Sugadaria, Izukawana, Kamogawa】
・Seminar room usage ― until 22:00
・Lights Out / Bedtime ― 23:00

(4)Please inform the managers when mountain climbing/hiking, swimming, or existing facilities at nighttime in order to prevent accidents.
When swimming, make sure to swim inside of permitted areas and be careful of shore currents.

(5) If any of you experience any sudden illness, injury, or if any accidents occur, inform the management immediately.

(6) Gather and hand over all valuables to the management. (Karuizawa excluded).

(7) Make sure to lock rooms when leaving in order to prevent theft.

(8) When making use of the exercise facilities, make sure to read the Facility Guidelines and follow them carefully.

(9) Please refrain from activities (such as mah-jongg, karaoke etc.) that might disturb the peace and order of the seminar house or disturb other visitors and neighboring residents in the area.

(10) Please refrain from excessive alcohol consumption. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited.
There have been reports of some visitors breaking and soiling equipment in the facilities due to being under the influence of alcohol.
We strongly request you take responsibility in your actions and for your cooperation in regards to these matters.

(11) Be wary of fire, and please smoke in the smoking areas (smoking is prohibited outside of designated areas).
In addition, fireworks are prohibited, as they can cause forest fires.

(12) You will be held financially responsible for any lost, soiled or damaged equipment or fixtures.

(13) Make sure to return any equipment, exercise devices, and cafeteria utensils after use.

(14) Check-out is until 10:00 a.m. When leaving your room, make sure that payment of meals, and the returning of bedsheets (to the management office) etc. has already been completed.

The Seminar Houses are property of Waseda University. Groups that fail to follow the above rules and disciplines will be declined future usage of all seminar houses.

【Step2.How to Apply for Usage】
Please register for reservation through MyWaseda.

→Student Affairs(For staff members, click University Corporation Management)
→Seminar House Reservations
→Seminar House Reservations
※How to interpret % for reservation status: 100%: All Rooms【Vacant】 ⇔ 0%: All Rooms【No Vacancies】

【Step3. Before Finalization of Reservation Procedures: The Three Steps You must Follow】
Please complete the following procedures (1) - (3) before the deadline.
The deadline of submission is seven days before, excluding closed office days, of the Student Affairs Division.

(1)Please Submit a List of Participants. (upload online or submit at the office counter)
The members list can be uploaded as a file on MyWaseda, or you can submit a hard copy of the list directly to the Student Affairs Office on the first floor of the Student Union Building (Building 30) at Toyama Campus.
Double check that, in the case of direct submission, that you do so on working days of the Student Affairs Division.

(2) Printing Your Vouchers
Please print your vouchers off of MyWaseda. Your reservation will be invalidated if the vouchers are not printed by the deadline.

(3) Bank Transfer of Usage Fees (In the case Bank Transfer was selected as your payment method.) Please transfer all usage fees before the deadline.

When all you have finalized all preparations, bring your vouchers with you and hand them in to the managers at the seminar house.
In the case of any changes of number of participants or if any problems occur on the day of your departure, make sure to contact the Student Affairs Division.
If the Students Affairs Division is on holiday, contact the seminar house directly.

Q: Can I cancel a reservation request seminar house?
A: You can cancel your reservation or change the number of participants if you do so before the submission deadline.

Q: Is it available for students from other schools to use?
A: Other university students are permitted to submit an application form for outsiders' use separately only when it is aimed at educational and research purposes, such as seminars and laboratories, but in such cases, the approval of a full-time faculty member is necessary. Furthermore, students from outside the university will not be permitted to use if it is for circle or student volunteer activities.

Q: How long can you use the seminar houses?
A: Usage is available for up to 3 days and 2 nights.

Q: Can I add to the number of participants after the procedure deadline?
A: No, you cannot add to the number of participants, or change any of the reservation content once the submission deadline has elapsed.

Q: Are there seminar rooms and exercise facilities?
A: Yes, seminar rooms are present at all seminar houses, and exercise facilities are installed in all seminar houses with the exception of the Izukawana seminar house.
Remember when you want to make use of these facilities, make sure to reserve them through MyWaseda beforehand.

Q: Are there options available for when we can not eat certain food for religious reasons etc.?
A: Please contact the Student Affairs Division in advance. Depending on the seminar house, it is possible for them to prepare Halal food or meals for vegetarians.

Q: Is shampoo and soap provided at the seminar houses?
A: Yes, the bathrooms are equipped with shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Other amenities are not provided, so please bring them yourself.

If you have any further question,please contact the office of Student Affairs Devision.
TEL:03-3203-4341/E-mail:[email protected]