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Rina Moriizumi(Edu. 2nd year)
  Waseda Sports Festival 2012   Report of 2011
Waseda Weekly
  Update by Student Staff!

The annual sports festival "Tokyo Hike" will be held! Anybody can join this event
—individuals or groupsー so talk to your friends and join us for the hike! 
We look forward to seeing you there. This is great opportunity to promote your health and make friends.
Supported by
Waseda Co-op 
Walking Association 
Hosei University 
Toyo University 
Keio University
Meiji University 

Waseda University
Student Affairs Section
TEL : 03-3203-4341

Date   October 14th, 2012 (rain or shine!)
       meet at 9:00AM at Waseda University, Waseda Campus buil.No.14
       Opening ceremony will start at 9:30      

Course  Waseda University -> Shinjuku Gyoen -> Hosei University ->
       -> Akihabara -> Ueno Park -> Toyo University -> Gokoku Temple

       -> Waseda University Okuma Auditorium 
Total About 20km

         * There are rest places along the route.

* You can have lunch break at Hosei U.
         * Closing ceremony will held at Okuma Auditorium starting at 17:30

All Waseda students, faculty and staff members, even non-waseda students  

Maximum participants 800  

Fee   Students 500 yen, Other 700 yen
* Please pay and register at Waseda Coop plaza. (Waseda campus Build No.17)
         * We will give you a program and Hachimaki(headband) on the day

Registration period 
September 10th – October 3rd

   Waseda Students  visit Waseda Coop plaza
                 Life Center building No.17 with Application form

    ①If you can visit Waseda University, Coop Plaza: Same as students
    ②If you can't visit Waseda University, Coop Plaza:
 fill Application form, then send it to by mail.
We will send you confirmation of your registration, then please pay the fee.

Loose fitting clothes and good walking shoes.