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Consultation Process

@1. How to seek consultation
@2. Who is eligible
@3. How to receive an official resolution to your complaint
@4. Confidentiality
@5. Consultation Desk (Outside Waseda University)

1. How to seek consultation

If you would like to seek consultation about harassment, please contact the Harassment Prevention Committee Office. All contact by regular mail, phone, fax and e-mail will be responded to. You must give your name when you meet with a counselor face to face at the Consultation Desk for counseling, but you don't have to give your name if you contact the office by regular mail, phone, fax, or e-mail. If you are hesitant, why not make contact anonymously first, and learn about how the system works; you can then begin the regular counseling process if you decide to meet with a counselor. If you visit the office to meet with a counselor, please make a reservation beforehand by phone. If you make a reservation before visiting, there will be no accidental chance of running into another visitor and thereby feeling embarrassed, and you can feel more at ease about receiving counseling. The women staff members serving as in-takers will discuss what is troubling you. For those on the Northern Kyushu campus, please consult us initallly by e-mail or phone.

Consultation Desk

Harassment Prevention Committee Office

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2. Who is eligible

Any member of the Waseda University community -- student, faculty member, researcher, administrator, or other member -- will be accepted. Other possibilities for application include both internal and external cases of harassment that are recognized as highly detrimental to actual studying and working at the University, in which the aggressor(s)/victim(s) are faculty members, staff members, and/or regular/non-regular students of the University. It is also possible to seek preliminary consultation on behalf of a friend. However, complaint processing will take place between the counselor and the person directly concerned.

3. How to receive an official resolution to your complaint

If you feel relieved and satisfied through receiving counseling with the in-taker, the process will finish there. However, in cases in which you do not feel relieved or satisfied at this point and want an apology from the harasser or some other specific action, you will proceed to the next step: applying to receive an official resolution to your complaint. The Grievance Committee will examine the case to determine whether or not to file a complaint. The actual process will be as follows: two members of the Investigation Committee, as a general rule one female and one male member, will hear the details directly from you, and next from the alleged harasser in order to ascertain the facts: then they will consider the most desirable way to solve the problem and/or iron out the conflict between the two parties. Needless to say, strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process and your wishes will be given consideration to the greatest extent possible.

4. Confidentiality

Your confidentiality will be strictly kept and your privacy will be highly respected. All in-takers and all members of the Investigation Committee, as well as all members of the Harassment Prevention Committee, are legally bound not to speak of any information they have concerning consulting and counseling. As long as a victim does not wish to publicize her/his damage to the public, the information will be kept strictly confidential. All the teachers and staff are strictly bound to keep confidential any personal information they get through their work at Waseda University, as stated in the "Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information" of Waseda University. It is also prohibited to use any personal information for improper purposes.

5. Consultation Desk (Outside Waseda University)

Here are some examples of public organizations in Tokyo which accept consultation concerning harassment.

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