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5: Year-long Study Abroad

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  • Year-long Study Abroad to Overseas Partner Institution
  • In order to approach the world with a broader outlook, non-native Japanese speakers can (and non-native English speakers must) spend a year studying overseas. Participants can choose from among more than 300 affiliated universities and other institutions of higher education worldwide.

Major Partner Institution:

Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley, Hertford College, Oxford, Pembroke College, Cambridge, l’Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (IEP), Peking University, Korea University, National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Chulalongkorn University, De La Salle University, United Arab Emirates University, Makerere University

Numbers of students going to study abroad by area(Recruiting in 2009)

Area Number Area Number Area Number Area Number
United States 222 Sweden 11 Mexico 3 Jordan 1
United Kingdom 94 Ireland 10 Belgium 2 Lithuania 1
Canada 32 Spain 10 Switzerland 2 Netherlands 1
Australia 22 Singapore 8 Thailand 2 Qatar 1
Italy 22 Republic of Korea 6 Denmark 1 Taiwan 1
France 19 New Zealand 5 Estonia 1 Uganda 1
China 15 Norway 4 Hungary 1    
Germany 14 Finland 3 Israel 1