Waseda Number Theory Symposium 2007


Date: March 12 (Mon)〜 14 (Wed)
Place: Waseda University, Ohkubo campus, bldg.55-S, 3-rd conference room
Access: Maps of Waseda Univ.

March 12 (Mon)

10:00--10:50 Hiromichi Yanai ( Aichi Institute of Technology. )
On Lenstra's cycle

11:10--12:00 Yukihiro Uchida ( Nagoya Univ. )
Canonical local height of Jacobian varieties of genus 2 curves and multiplication formulas

13:45--14:35 Fumio Sairaiji ( Hiroshima International Univ. )
Formal groups of Jacobian varieties of hyper elliptic curves

14:55--15:45 Kaori Ohta and Masanobu Kaneko ( Kyushu Univ. )
Formulas of Fourier coefficients of some modular functions of genus 0

16:00--16:50 Seidai Yasuda ( RIMS )
Rationality of Hecke L-values

March 13 (Tue)

10:00--10:50 Yoshinori Hamahata ( Tokyo Univ. of Science )
Representations of finite groups in the space of mixed cusp forms

11:10--12:00 Akihiko Okamoto ( Waseda Univ. )
Galois representations and presentations of cusp forms of weight 1 via theta series

13:45--14:35 Shin Nakano ( Gakushuin Univ. )
Quintic cyclic fields of even class number parametlized by the rational points of an elliptic curve

14:55--15:45 Hironori Shiga ( Chiba Univ. )
An arithmetic-geometric mean of two variables and modular forms over hyper--spheres ( joint with Kenji Koike )

16:00--16:50 Liang-Chung Hsia ( National Central Univ. )
A quotient of elliptic curves - weak Neron models for lattes maps

March 14 (Wed)

10:00--10:50 Kazuma Morita ( Kyoto Univ. )
On p-adic Hodge theory in the imperfect residue field case

11:10--12:00 Hiroyuki Hori ( Waseda Univ. )
A divisibility condition of class numbers by 3 of quadratic fields

13:45--14:35 Hiroki Sumida ( Tokushima Univ. )
Around zeta values of quadratic fields and ideal class groups of cyclotomic fields

14:55--15:45 Tomokazu Kashio ( Osaka City Univ. )
A p-adic analogue of Shintani's formula and its application

16:00--16:50 Hajime Nakazato ( Tokyo National College of Technology )
Vanishing cohomology theorems of SL_2 and the weak Leopoldt Conjecture for elliptic curves

Organizers:Ki-ichiro Hashimoto and Kei-ichi Komatsu (Waseda Univ.)

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