Takemura Kazuhisa Lab.

Pursuing Better Decision-Making. Social Psychology; Decision Making Consumer Studies

About Us

What kind of social psychological conditions are necessary for a "good society?"

What makes it possible to "decide better?"

We are doing our research to answer these questions. Besides our researches, a variety of experiments, such as examining the decision-making process in a social context, are done along with students' interests. For example, surveying consumers' decision-making process, experimental researches with eyecameras and phisiological index sensors, reasearches on the preference construction process, survey and personality test with picture analysis, social psychological researches on happiness, measuring and mathematical modeling of decision-making process and so on.

Our seminar class is held every week, and students are actively discussing with each other (sometimes with researchers from other lab). For more details, feel free to call on us anytime.

Research Topic

Psychological Study of judgment and decision making.

Current Research Theme Keywords:judgment,decision making

International Cooperative Research

Research on consumer behavior

Current Research Theme Keywords:Consumer behavior,decision making,information Search

International Cooperative Research

Development of data analysis method Using fuzzy set theory

Current Research Theme Keywords:data analysis,fuzzy set theory

Current Research Theme Keywords:data analysis,fuzzy set theory



  • Professor, Department of Psychology, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University.
  • Director, Institute for Decision Research
  • Researcher, Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering
  • Researcher, National Mental Support Center for School Crisis, Osaka Kyoiku University.


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