Takeo Miyake, Ph.D., Associate Professor

三宅 丈雄,准教授


I'm a nano/bio scientist with over five years of professional experiences as a research associate and an assitant professor in Nano-Bio engineering including proton-controling biodevice, totally-organic hydrogel electrodes, enzymatic biofuel cells, single-molecule imaging system, based on the following research fields; Bioelectronics, Biological Inspired Engineering, Interface Science (electrode interface with biomolecule, cell, and tissue), Material science (i.e., Surface Chemistry, Molecular Assembly, Microfabrication, Self Assembly/Organization, and Soft Matter).In this lab, we focus the research on safe and soft bioelectronics for seamless interfaces between devices and humans.


2006/4 - 2008/3
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS),
Research Fellowships for Young Scientists, Doctoral course students (DC1)                        日本学術振興会,特別研究員(DC1)
2008/4 - 2009/3
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS),
Research Fellowships for Young Scientists, Postdoc  (PD)    日本学術振興会,特別研究員(PD)
2009/4 - 2014/3
Tohoku University, Department of Bioengineering and Robotics, Assistant Professor                       東北大学,大学院バイオロボティクス専攻,助教
2014/4 - 2016/3
University of Washington, Material Science and Engineering, Acting Instructor                       ワシントン大学,材料科学・工学,講師
University of California, Santa Cruz, Electrical Engineering, Research Associate                      カリフォルニア大学サンタクルーズ校,電子工学,研究員
2008/4 - 2016/3
Waseda University, the NanoTechnology Research Center (NTRC) Visiting Researcher                      早稲田大学,ナノテクノロジー研究所,客員研究員
2016/4 - present
Waseda University, Graduate School of Information, Production and System, Associate Professor                早稲田大学,大学院情報生産システム研究科,准教授


1997 - 2000
Osaka Meisei High School                    大阪明星高等学校
2000 - 2004
Waseda University,
B.S., Electrical Engineering                   早稲田大学,電子情報通信学科
2004 - 2008
Waseda University,
PhD, Nanoscience & Nanoengineering              早稲田大学,大学院ナノ理工学専攻

Honors & Awards

  • RSC publishing blog-Exciting Paper, “Energy powered by a grape” (Oct.2011).
  • Nature Asia Materials Highlight, “Polymer electrodes: Totally organic” (Nov.2010) (DOI:10.1038/asismat.2010.173).
  • RSC chemistry world news, “Gel electrode show biomedical promise” (Sep.2010).
  • The Young Scientists’ Prize from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)(2020)
  • Poster Presentation Award (Nature Conference on Flexible Electronics - Visions of a Flexible Future) “Wireless-Powered, Biosensing Wearable Smart Soft Contact Lens” (Oct. 2018).
  • 19th Incentive Prize (Aoba Foundation for the Promotion of Engineering) "Self-Powered Sugar Indicator Using enzyme-CNT Ensemble Film" (2013).
  • Best Presentation Award (The 73th Autumn Meeting of The Japan Society of Applied Physics) “Direct Power Generation from A Biofuel in Living Organisms” (Sep. 2012).
  • Poster Presentation Award (The 10th Annual Meeting of Society of Nano Science and Technology) “Enzyme-based biofuel cell and its application to self-powered monitoring of sugar levels in fruits” (Jun. 2012).
  • Poster Presentation Award (International Symposium on Surface Science, ISSS-6) “Engineering Enzyme-Nanotube Ensemble Films for Electrical Power Generation from Biofuels in Living-Organisms” (Dec. 2011).
  • Best Presentation Award (The 32th Annual Meeting of Surface Science) “Totally-Organic Microelectrodes for Electrical Stimulation to Muscle cells” (Dec. 2011).
  • Poster Presentation Award (The 22th of Chemistry and Micro-Nano System) “Enzyme Entrapment into Carbon Nanotube Forest and Its Application to Biofuel Cell” (Nov. 2010).

Graduate Students

Bowen Zhang (張 博文), D2


YinSijie (殷 思杰), D2



Taiki Takamatsu (高松 泰輝), D2

Research assistant (助手)

※The 2nd IWSBN, poster award
※The 10th M&BE conference, presentation award
※The 4th International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering,YOUNG RESEARCHERS POSTER AWARD


Cui Mingyin (崔 銘胤), D2

※ISIPS2018, poster award

Hu, Lunjie (胡 倫杰), D1


Xiao, Te (肖 特), D1

Zhong, Shijie, M2

Chen, Yukun, M2

Fang, Shujie, M2

Liu, Xiaohan, M2

Zheng, Dinuo, M2

Oyama, Kazuhiro, M2

Kumamoto, Hiroki, M2


Pan, Donghao, M1

Li, Jingyan, M1

Zhang, Qi, M1

Hui, Ma, M1

Chen, Dingxiang, M1

Liu, Bingfu, M1

Dai, Zhuhang, M1

Chen, Zikang, M1


Noriko Masachika


Kohei Sahara (M)

Wu Yetianqiang (M)
Zhu Yifan (M)
Chen Lu (M)
Chenliang Lin (M)

Shi Yiming (M)

Yunhan Chen (M)
Naike Du (M)
Zewen Jin (M)
Kong Shuyi (M)
Ziyi Zhang (M)