1) Economic, finance experiment

We will conduct economic and equity market experiments in our seminar room,(make deals in virtual economics)to test out economic and financial theory.

We do various experiment in Experiments with Economic Principles: Microeconomics (2nd Edition), write Bergstrom and Miller 、Irwin-McGraw-Hill ).Moreover, in the financial experiments, we will carry out them by using the instruction of stock market which was made by the professional researchers.

The experiments and the lectures about finance will be conducted by the seniors of the members of the seminar. The Third grade students will attend the experiments and trade freely each other under a certain experimental environment. In addition, we will ask you to consider how much you can explain the outcomes of the experiments by using the theories of textbook of finance and economy. We will also discuss how to consider the economic and financial phenomena in the real world by comparing the theories to the results of the experiment. And we discuss real Economic and finance in different theory and result. Finally, we will write the report by ourselves as the conclusion of 'expectation of theories', 'outcomes of experiments' and 'relation between theory and real world'

2) Study for acquiring practical knowledge

Before entering the seminar (when you are a second-year student) you will study a basic economy's book, 'The Introduction to Economy (Shigemori, I. 2009. 3rd edn)' and take the exams to check your understanding. In addition, you will also study a textbook for corporate finance, 'Principles of Corporate Finance The First Volume (Brealey, A., Myers, S., and Alley, F. 2007. 8th edn)'.

In spring term, you will do discussion and make presentation with your group members about the textbook of corporate finance. Moreover, you will be asked to solve some questions at the end of every seminar activities in order to achieve the more deep understanding.

With the positive comprehension of these basic knowledge of finance and economy, you will read essays by professional researchers in the autumn term of third-year.

3)Case Study

On case study, we are given a story as if we are in a real business situation. We must consider the best strategy to solve a faced problem in this situation. We are planning to do the case study that Harvard Business School actually did. Each group will have their own presentation and debate with other groups. 

4)Statistical Science

Generally, evidence of objective data is essential to answer any questions. Therefore, we study statistical science to learn some measures with Excel and use them as useful tools. We already has had the class of statistical science three times last year and we will have the fourth class in this year.

5)Inter Seminar with Keio University

Inter seminar with Omura seminar and Kaneko seminar of Keio University take place, when we are in third grade in December. It is one of the events to show fruits of study. Before the summer holiday, we select a theme and divide ourselves into some groups, which have about 5 members. During the summer holiday and the second semester, each group write a thesis for inter seminar. Eventually the groups present and discuss their thesis.


The students submit the thesis at the end of the fourth grade. That is the most important work of learning outcomes at the seminar. After various learning at third grade, the students select a theme at the beginning of the fourth year. We study in the spring semester of fourth grade, and report the progress at the end of the spring semester and summer camp at fourth grade. After a presentation on the fall of fourth grade, we submit a final version of 20 pages in A4 size at the end of fourth grade. We aim at winning the prize in the essay contest of Commerce. And the day of farewell party, we do presentation.


During the seminar, we often given the opportunity to present its results. We do presentation with a PowerPoint presentation basis. We learn how conduct an effective presentation through experience.

Activities besides study

Career fair

The graduates of Hirota seminar and other seminar give an explanation about job hunting and current work.

Other voluntary activities by students

In Hirota seminar many voluntary activities are done by seminar students.