PhD Thesis Researches

Researchers PHD Thesis Titles Keywords Period  
Bo ZHOU Study on SVMs with Quasi-Linear Kernel for Imbalanced Classification and Semi-supervised Classification Nonlinear classification, Imbalanced learning, Semi-supervised learning, Oversampling, SMOTE, Density-based clustering, Support vector machine, Laplacian SVM, Quasi-linear kernel, Data-dependent kernel, local linear partition 2009.9~2018.9 Report
Sutrisno IMAM Study on Self-Organizing Quasi-Linear ARX RBFN Model and Its Application to Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems Nonlinear system identification, Controller design, Switching control, Quasi-linear ARX model, Self-Organization, Radial basis networks, Predictor with bounded prediction error 2011.9~2017.3 Report
Mohammad A. JAMI'IN Study on Lyapunov-based Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Quasi-linear ARX Neural Network Model Nonlinear system identification, Controller design, Switching control, Lyapunov stability theory, Quasi-linear ARX model, Neural networks, Wind energy conversion system, Maximum power tracking control 2012.4~2016.3 Report
Yu CHNEG Study on Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using Quasi-ARX Models Nonlinear system identification, Linear-in-parameter, Quasi-ARX Modeling, Neural networks, Wavelet networks, SVR, Genetic algorithm, Multi-objective optimization, Clustering 2009.9~2012.9 Report
Lan WANG Study on Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Based on Quasi-ARX Models Nonlinear system, Quasi-ARX Model, Neural network, Wavelet network, Neuro-fuzzy network, RBF network, Adaptive control, Switching mechanism, Stability, Accuracy, SVR, Model predictive control, Nonlinear PCA 2008.9~2011.9 Report
Benhui CHEN Study on the Predictions of Protein Structure and Function Using Multi-SVM and Hybrid EDA Protein structure prediction, Lattice HP model, Estimation distribution algorithm (EDA), Adaptive Niching EDA, Protein function prediction, Support vector machines (SVM), Multi-SVM system, Multi-label classification, Hierarchical multi-label classification 2008.4~2011.3 Report
Boyang LI Study on Multi-SVM Systems and Their Application to Pattern Recognition Support vector machines, Kernel based methods, Pattern recognition, Fast training, Feature selection, Fuzzy decision boundary, Multi-SVM system, Modular SVR network, Class imbalance 2006.9~2010.9 Report
笹川 隆史 複合型学習と脳の機能局在性を考慮したニューラルネットワークに関する研究 Neural network, Self-organizing map, Function localization, Brainlike model, Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, Reinforcement learning, Modular network, Dynamical overlapping 2003.4~2008.3 Report