PhD Thesis Researches

Researchers PHD Thesis Titles Keywords Period  
Weite LI Study on Quasi-Linear Kernel Composition for Support Vector Machines using Supervised, Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Nonlinear classification, Support vector machine, Kernel composition and learning, Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, Transfer learning, Manifold learning, Deep neural networks, Local linear modeling, Piecewise linear modeling, Deep quasi-linear kernel 2016.3~2019.3 Report
Bo ZHOU Study on SVMs with Quasi-Linear Kernel for Imbalanced Classification and Semi-supervised Classification Nonlinear classification, Imbalanced learning, Semi-supervised learning, Oversampling, SMOTE, Density-based clustering, Support vector machine, Laplacian SVM, Quasi-linear kernel, Data-dependent kernel, local linear partition 2009.9~2018.9 Report
Sutrisno IMAM Study on Self-Organizing Quasi-Linear ARX RBFN Model and Its Application to Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems Nonlinear system identification, Controller design, Switching control, Quasi-linear ARX model, Self-Organization, Radial basis networks, Predictor with bounded prediction error 2011.9~2017.3 Report
Mohammad A. JAMI'IN Study on Lyapunov-based Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Quasi-linear ARX Neural Network Model Nonlinear system identification, Controller design, Switching control, Lyapunov stability theory, Quasi-linear ARX model, Neural networks, Wind energy conversion system, Maximum power tracking control 2012.4~2016.3 Report
Yu CHNEG Study on Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using Quasi-ARX Models Nonlinear system identification, Linear-in-parameter, Quasi-ARX Modeling, Neural networks, Wavelet networks, SVR, Genetic algorithm, Multi-objective optimization, Clustering 2009.9~2012.9 Report
Lan WANG Study on Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Based on Quasi-ARX Models Nonlinear system, Quasi-ARX Model, Neural network, Wavelet network, Neuro-fuzzy network, RBF network, Adaptive control, Switching mechanism, Stability, Accuracy, SVR, Model predictive control, Nonlinear PCA 2008.9~2011.9 Report
Benhui CHEN Study on the Predictions of Protein Structure and Function Using Multi-SVM and Hybrid EDA Protein structure prediction, Lattice HP model, Estimation distribution algorithm (EDA), Adaptive Niching EDA, Protein function prediction, Support vector machines (SVM), Multi-SVM system, Multi-label classification, Hierarchical multi-label classification 2008.4~2011.3 Report
Boyang LI Study on Multi-SVM Systems and Their Application to Pattern Recognition Support vector machines, Kernel based methods, Pattern recognition, Fast training, Feature selection, Fuzzy decision boundary, Multi-SVM system, Modular SVR network, Class imbalance 2006.9~2010.9 Report
笹川 隆史 複合型学習と脳の機能局在性を考慮したニューラルネットワークに関する研究 Neural network, Self-organizing map, Function localization, Brainlike model, Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, Reinforcement learning, Modular network, Dynamical overlapping 2003.4~2008.3 Report