Master Thesis Researches

Researchers Titles Date
王 禹新 Margin-based Multiple Instance Learning with Auto-encoder 2018.9
崔 宇 A Convolutional Auto-encoder Method for Anomaly Detection on System Logs 2018.9
孫 一平 A Study of Improving Relation Classification by Multiple Granularity Word Selection 2018.9
任 彦妮 A Study of Deep Quasi-Linear Kernel Construction Using Semi-supervised Variational Model 2018.9
MIRANDA James Selective Feature Extraction via Mutually-Competitive Autoencoder for Protein Function Prediction 2018.9
姚 雪芹 A Study of Neural Network Based Kernel Learning for Support Vector Machine 2018.9
王 煜東 Neural Network Based Kernel Learning Method for One-Class Support Vector Machine 2018.3
叶 声雲 A Study of Neural Programmer-Interpreters with Attention and Deep Residual Network for Generating Codes 2018.3
梁 垿 Hierarchical Multi-label Classification Using Dynamic Local Multi-layer Perceptrons 2018.3
許 匡正 A Study of Auto-Encoder Based Feature Fusion for Protein GO Annotation 2018.3
江 遠 Cascaded Fully Convolutional Networks for Object Boundary Detection 2018.3
劉 漢語 A Kernel Learning Method to SVR Based Model for Nonlinear System Identification 2018.3
周 家億 Multi-Channel Sliced Deep RCNN with Residual Network for Text Classification 2017.9
楊 凱丹 Collaborative Filtering-Based Recommendations with Recurrent Neural Networks 2017.9
陳 雅雯 Building Multiple Local Classifiers for Nonlinear Classification Using SVM with Quasi-linear Kernel 2017.9
袁 欣 A Study of Autoencoder Based Feature Extraction for Protein Function Annotation 2017.9
方 鵬程 Face Generation Based on Generative Adversarial Nets with Perceptual Loss 2017.9
李 涵深 A Multi-NARX Neural Network Model for Short-term Load Forecasting 2017.9
李 鶴 A Study of Nonlinear Spatial Filters for EEG Signal Classification 2017.9
劉 東航 Fast SVM Training on High-Dimensional Large Datasets 2017.3
曹 炜 Stacked Residual Recurrent Neural Network with Word Weight for Text Classification 2017.3
趙 軒 Random Forest Based Quasi-Linear Kernel Composition for Support Vector Machine 2017.3
王 朋松 Quasi-Linear SVM with Offset for Imbalanced Data Classification 2017.3
周 思賢 A Study of Smartphone User Input Inference Based on Convolutional Neural Network 2017.3
王 嘉宇 A Study of Backtracking Methods for EDA Based on Protein Folding Prediction on 3D HP Model 2017.3
金 成虎 準線形サポートベクターマシンを用いた侵入検知に関する研究 2016.9
王 文全 Quasi-Linear SVM with Distance Metric Learning for Classification 2016.9
朱 楠 An Improved Backtracking Method for Protein Folding Based on HP Model Using EDA 2016.9
鄧 蓉 Multi-Instance Classification Using Quasi-Linear Fuzzy Support Vector Machine 2016.9
鄧 盈 A Study of Sentiment Analysis Based on Convolutional Neural Network 2016.9
楊 達 A Fast Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Using Data Selection Based on Mahalanobis Distanc 2016.9
李 瑋特 Geometry Based Quasi-linear Support Vector Machine for Nonlinear Classification 2016.3
張 力 Multi-label Learning with Label Correlation Based on RBF Network 2016.3
曹 虹蛟 Labels' Probability Distribution Based k-labelset Method with Joint Learning for Multi-label Classification 2016.3
宋 孟楠 A Hybrid Semi-Supervised Method for ClassRBM 2015.9
葛 瑞年 Quasi-linear One-Class SVM and Its Application to Imbalance Data Classification 2015.9
郭 径材 An Improved Incremental Training Approach for Support Vector Machine 2015.9
張 雯忻 An MST Approach to Improving Oversample Method for Imbalanced Dataset Classification 2015.9
董 超 A Hierarchical SVM Based Multiclass Classification by Using Similarity Clustering 2015.3
黃 榆翔 A Comparing Study of Feature Selection for SVM-based Evaluation System of Scooter Market 2015.3
傅 頔 Improving SVM Based Multi-label Classification by Using Label Relationship 2015.3
陸 凱 An Improved Training Approach to Transductive SVM for Semi-Supervised Data Classification 2015.3
林 隽曦 An SMO Approach to Fast SVM for Classification of Large Scale Data 2014.9
蘇 霖 SOM Based Quasi-ARX Model for Nonlinear System Identification 2014.9
曾 皓麟 Building a Car Consumers Purchase Intention Evaluation System Based on Fuzzy DANP and Weighted SVM Model 2014.3
罗 咏欣 Enhanced Differencial Evolution by Cleaning Niching Method 2014.3
胡 晨龍 Fast-one Class SVM Training Using Edge Detection on Large Datasets 2014.3
汤 慧煜 An Improved Correlation-based Feature Subset Selection Method Using OLS Algorithm 2014.3
付 勇 Modular SVR Prediction Model with Range Break-out Detection Based Partion 2014.3
賀 雯 Forex Prediction Using Neural Network by Considering the Influence of Policy 2013.9
車 馳 Quasi-ARX NN Based Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems by Using An Improved Fuzzy Switching Mechanism 2013.9
粟 晨 Stock Trading Signal Detection Based on SVR and PLR Approaches 2013.9
楊 程 A Hierarchical Clustering Method with PCA-based Cluster Merging for Quasi-linear SVM 2013.3
張 宏灏 An Improved SMO Algorithm for Quasi-linear SVM Training 2013.3
黄 晟 Enhanced Differential Evolution with Self-adaptive Control Parameters 2013.3
曾 菁 SVRハイブリッド法による準線形ARXニューロファジイモデルの同定 2012.3
Xiaoying MA Support Vector Machine with Composite Kernel for Gene Function Classification 2011.9
于 淼 マルチステップ非線形多項式モデルの同定に関する研究 2011.3
Feiran SUN A Guided Partition Method for Building Multi-SVM System 2011.3
Shengkai FANG Credit Rating Prediction Based on Support Vector Machine 2011.3
Chungyen HUANG Intrusion Detection System Using Fast Training SVM Combined with SMOTE 2011.3
Gufei SUN Overlapping Discriminative Common Spatial Pattern Method for Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface 2010.9
張 峰 ウェーブレットネットワークを用いた準ARXモデルとその同定 2010.9
Weiwun SYU A Bankruptcy Prediction Method Based on Support Vector Machine Combined with Feature Selection Analysis 2010.9
Yuling LIN Building Stock Evaluation System Based on A Quasi-Linear Regression Model 2010.9
Zheng JIANG Commodity Futures Prediction by Using MOdular SVM 2010.9
Weifeng GU Combining Binary-SVM and Pairwise Label Constraints for Multi-label Classification 2010.9
Longyuan LUAN Adaptive Color Image Clustering System Based on a Two-level Structure 2009.9
Jian ZHOU Multi-label Classification Based on Support Vector Machine 2009.9
Kuoting CHIEN Building a Stock Selection System Based on ANP and Weighted SVM 2009.9
Jiaxing MA Glomerulus Extraction by Using Genetic Algorithm for Edge Patching 2009.9
Liji CANG An Adaptive Threshold Strategy for Multi-label Classification 2009.9
Bo ZHOU An Improved Method for Pattern Recognition in Stock Series 2009.9
Yiheng XU A Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization for Combinatorial Problems 2009.3
Qiangwei WANG Human Resource Selection Based on Performance Classification Using Weighted Support Vector Machine 2009.3
Wenxiang DOU Quick Response Multi-Relational Data Mining Based on Genetic Algorithm 2008.9
Liangpeng MA An Improved SVM Classifier with Soft Decision Boundary for Gene Classification 2008.9
Fei LIU Shortest Route Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm 2008.9
Long LI A Novel Invalid Structure Repairing Method for Protein Structure Prediction Using Genetic Algorithm 2008.9
Tie ZHANG A Trading Strategy Based on Moving Average Using Neural Network Predictor 2008.9
Zhifeng ZHANG An Approach of Forex Prediction Based on SVR Network 2008.9
Wenli WANG Stock Trading System Based on Technical Trading Rules by Using Neural Network Approach 2008.9
Yang CHEN An Improved Genetic Algorithm with Reserve Selection for Global Optimization 2007.9
Jing JI An Improved Method for Identification of Quasi-ARMAX Model 2007.9
Lei HUANG Design of Prediction Module for FX Trading System Based on Time Series Analysis 2007.3
程 学飛 遺伝的アルゴリズムによる非線形多項式モデルの二ステップ同 2007.3
Boyang LI Support Vector Machine with Fuzzy Decision-Making for Real-world Data Classification 2006.9
磯野 功典 機能局在型ニューラルネットワークのための効果的な訓練法に関する研究 2006.3
Ting HE Hybrid Methods Using Genetic Algorithm for Training Overlapping Multi-Neural-Network 2005.3
盧 煕彬 ホモトピー連続法を用いた準ARXニューラルネットワークのBP学習の性能向上に関する研究 2005.3
李 殷実 データベースの構築による非線形多項式モデルの同定に関する研究 2005.3