Lab Award

    2018.07 FashionAI Global Challenge:
    rank 1 out 2322 teams
    博士課程3年 Weite LI Task: Keypoints Detection of Apparel
    Organizer: Alibaba Group and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    2017.12 AI Challenge:
    rank 3 out 182 teams
    博士課程2年 Weite LI Task: Human Skeletal System Keypoints Detection
    Organizer: Sinovation Ventures, Sogou, Inc. and Beijing Bytedance Technology Corporation
    2017.06 AI Challenge:
    rank 3 out 4242 teams
    博士課程2年 Weite LI Task: High-potential User Purchase Intention Prediction
    Organizer: JD.com, Inc. and Intel Corporation

    Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

    博士課程3年 Benhui Chen 2010年国家優秀自費留学生奨学金

    ISCIIA 2008 Excellent Paper Award

    博士課程1年 Benhui Chen A New Method for Identifying Nonlinear Polynomial Model Using Genetic Algorithm
    2007.03 IEEE福岡支部 学生研究奨励賞 博士課程1年 Yang Chen
    Performance Tuning of Genetic Alogirthms with Reserve Selection, 2007 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC'07), 2202-2209.
    2006.10 SICE-ICCAS 2006 Young Author Award 博士課程1年 Boyang Li Fuzzy Decision-making SVM with An Offset for Real-world Lopsided Data Classification