Welcome to Neurocomputing System Laboratory
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The main research interests of our lab are Computational Intelligence including neural networks, fuzzy systems and genetic algorithm, especially deep learning and its applications. Our researches mainly focus on how to apply those technologies to prediction, classification, clustering and optimization in various real applications, such as pattern recognition and classification, system identification and control, data mining, financial analysis and so on. Based on the information extracted automatically from application domain, we are trying to develop application specific new efficient computational intelligent technologies.
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>>Deep NN, Deep learning
>>Quasi-Linear ARX neural net
>>SVMs, Deep kernel learning
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>>Adaptive niching EDA
>>GA with reserve selection
>>Yin-Yang EAs
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>>Gene and protein prediction
>>Function Genomics
>>DNA sequence alignment
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>>System identification
>>Adaptive control
>>Time series prediction
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>>Target segmentation
>>Color quantization/reduction
>>3D reconstruction
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>>Stock evaluation
>>Bankruptcy prediction
>>Futures prediction
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>>Text and web mining
>>Feature selection/extraction
>>Clustering, classification
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>>BCI signal processing
>>Blind signal separation
>>Time series processing
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>>Vehicle routing problem
>>Traveling salesman problem
>>Integer programming

What's New

Welcome the prospective master students and PhD students to join our lab to study machine learning, especially deep learning and its applications. Members in our lab are encouraged to participate various kinds of AI Challenges, and have obtained good accomplishment.

Task: Keypoints Detection of Apparel (FashionAI Global Challenge)    Champion
Rank: Mr. W.LI, rank 1, Mr. R.YANG and Mr. J.WEN, rank 32 out 2322 teams
Date: 2018.07
Organizer: Alibaba Group and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Task: Human Skeletal System Keypoints Detection (AI Challenger)
Rank: Mr. W.LI, rank 3 out 182 teams
Date: 2017.12
Organizer: Sinovation Ventures, Sogou, Inc. and Beijing Bytedance Technology Corporation
Task: High-potential User Purchase Intention Prediction
Rank: Mr. W.LI, rank 3 out 4242 teams
Date: 2017.06
Organizer: JD.com, Inc. and Intel Corporation
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-- Mr. P. Liang received his PhD degree in 2021.1
-- Mr. W. Li received his PhD degree in 2019.3
-- Mr. B. Zhou received his PhD degree in 2018.9
-- Mr. Weite Li won 2018 FashionAI Global Challenge, Keypoints Detection of Apparel Champion (rank 1 out 2322 teams)
-- Mr. S. Imam received his PhD degree in 2017.3
-- Mr. M.A. Jami'in received his PhD degree in 2016.3
-- Mr. Y.Cheng received his PhD degree in 2012.9
-- Ms. L.Wang received her PhD degree in 2011.9
-- Mr. B.Chen received 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.
-- Mr. B.Li, Mr. B.Chen and Mr. T.Sasakawa received their PhD degrees in 2010.9 and 2011.3
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Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University
Hibikino 2-7, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu 808-0135, JAPAN