Hisao Tsukamoto







     Major posts held:
     Director-General of the Administrative Evaluation Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications




Policy Evaluation (Seminar)
The implementation of Policy Evaluation provides the opportunity for us to shine a critical light once more on the old systems, administration, and organizational climate of our country’s government, as well as in the very foundations of its activities.
In this seminar I would like to look at the buildup of the actual mechanisms aimed at the establishment of policy evaluation systems and their effective use. In addition, I also intend to try examining with the students all aspects of the administrative system and process, including the governmental institutions, the relationship between bureaucrats and politicians, the formation, execution and control of public policy, budget and personnel management, the application of social scientific thought in government, the training and qualities required in administrative officials, private sector commission and their management, the relationship of the central and local government in policy process, and participation by the people.
We will then take a look at the direction that should be taken for reform and improvement in these areas.

Policy Assessment Theory
The objective of this class is to furnish the individuals who will concern the solution of issues in the public sector regardless of the standpoints they may be at with fundamental understandings on the policy evaluation (or it can be simply referred to as the “evaluation”) from inter aria the aspect as the “activity” (in contraposition to the “scheme”) of individuals in and outside the organization. The basic idea, once the objective is achieved, is expected to be utilized in opening up the student’s horizon required as professionals acting in the public management field whether students themselves conduct evaluation or the students use and examine the evaluation results.

Civil Servant Course (Administration/Economy) A
The objectives of this class are to complement and promote the effort of the individuals who are seeking a career prospect in positions at national /municipal government, and to complete other preliminaries to the proper execution of responsibilities of such positions.
The fundamental process of the individuals in successfully building career paths as a civil servant is to individually refine his/her qualities required therein.
The class renders to such individuals a rare opportunity to meet once a week and to consult on specific issues. The class is intended to provide substance with which the opportunity can be optimally utilized to attain his/her ultimate goal.

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