Takaharu Kohara







     Major posts held:
     Professor at Seikei University



Exercises in Local Administration (Seminar)
Guidance will be provided toward the ultimate goal of enabling students to complete their master’s theses. This guidance will cover selecting topics,
pursuing research, and writing outlines and even extend to technical aspects such as preparing bibliographies and attaching footnotes. Students will be
asked each time in turn to present interim reports as they work to finish their master’s theses.


Studies in Local Administration A
One of the current issues surrounding local administration will be taken up for closer examination, with in-depth discussions conducted on the basis
of a series of reading assignments from relevant texts and reading them in turns. These current issues include community revival, decentralization
reform, regional systems, municipal mergers, home-rule charters, local assembly reform, referendums, local communities, and specific problems
pertaining to medical care, welfare, education, the environment, and urban development. Each student will be required to submit a report of a
minimum specified length at the end of the term.


Studies in Local Administration B
This course will be conducted in the same manner as Studies in Local Administration A. The issues addressed may be determined in connection
with, or separately from, the issues examined in Studies in Local Administration A.

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