Jun Katagi







     Major posts held:
     Director, Admissions Center, Waseda University




Local Autonomy System (Seminar)
Each students will choose an area of interest or concern from following topics related to local autonomy, like decentralization reform, “Doshu” (regional government) system, “Trinity Reform”, municipal merger, city-building, citizens’ collaboration, local community, “designated manager system” etc. and not only advance her/his research but also help
cultivate skills needed to write her/his thesis for master’s degree, by writing up a report, giving a presentation and participating in a debate in the seminar.

Decentralization Reform
This course will reveal the current status and issues of the decentralization reform in Japan and consider the challenges and reform measures for the future, based on the basic philosophy of the local autonomy.
It will also talk about the current difficult circumstances surrounding the local government and its recent development since the first phase of decentralization reform.
The course will also cover current important issues such as reconstruction of local finances, local council reform, citizen’s collaboration, and local community, as well as the history of decentralization since the Meiji era and local government system in foreign countries and discuss what is the most desirable system for Japan.

Election System
Election/political fund system in Japan will be discussed in relation to topics like “manifesto type election”, internet campaign, electronic vote, local election voting rights of alien residents, term limit for governors and mayors, corporation donation ban and party subsidies etc.
This course will also give an overview of regulations on balloting systems, election administration agencies, electoral campaigns and political activities etc. as well as the election methods of other countries so that we can get a better perspective on how future election/political fund system, which is the basis of Japan’s democratic system, should be.

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