Dr. Hiroaki Inatsugu







     Major posts held:
     Professor, Chairman, Dean at Osaka City University

     Graduate School of Law



Politic Management (Seminar)

This seminar concentrates on instructing students on how to write a thesis based upon the thematic interest of students.
Specifically, students are directed to divest themselves of their habit of preparing their thesis based upon mere impressions and/or normative arguments. They are then instructed to identify research questions, establish hypothesis, and to verify the hypothesis, a very orthodox style.
The students will be frequently requested to search for primary sources in the verification process. The goal and characteristics of this seminar, is to prepare a thesis, which can be developed into policy recommendations, which is backed by emperical study based upon a certain verification of hypotheses.

Public Management Theory
The expected role of today’s public sector is to fill in the demands of society that market cannot solely satisfy. Of course, improved “efficiency” is important without saying, but realization of “equity” which the market has a hard time providing, is also an important issue.
In order to resolve the everexpanding “equity” issues, not only governments (central and regional) but other bodies are starting to participate as well. Networking among the bodies is also gaining importance. Keeping the above in mind, this class will discuss issues on such bodies as well as various issues related to POSDCORB.

NPM (New Public Management)
The students of this class will learn the concept of various reforms developed in and shared by the OECD member states starting from the late eighties (i.e. new public management (NPM)) and analyze actual development in the countries where a certain amount of progress has been made.
The class will then discuss the situation in Japan. It cannot be said that consensus among experts on NPM exists today. As such, the class will do a comparative study between supporters of NPM and opponents against NPM.
This class will not do detailed discussion on individual tools used in NPM nor will it advocate
NPM practical activity. The purpose of the class is to obtain knowledge and the ability to analyze the movement objectively.


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